Following the unexpected hard frosts of last week, the growth has slowed down noticeably. This, together with us carrying a good surface on the greens, well into the Autumn, has meant faster than usual greens for this time of year. This is also following the height of cut being raised from 4mm to 4.5mm.

Today, the 7th Tee markers have been put on the winter mat, this is to allow the grass Tee chance to recover, as it is our highest wear Tee.

The low rainfall for October was a real bonus, not only for us, but for you the golfer too. The average rainfall for October is 105mm, we had only 47mm.

With the onset of Autumn and Winter, could i please ask you all to be mindful of your course care. Repairing pitchmarks, replacing divots, keeping trolleys off greens, tee’s and surrounds/aprons. Your cooperation in this would be most appreciated.