During the winter period the temperature can drop quite severely to freezing temperatures, which can then cause the golfer to “layer up” just so he/she can stay warm during a round. Well now you don’t have to as much, you can simply wear a base layer. These base layers act as a second layer of skin as it clings to your body tightly, thus causing minimal heat evaporation, which will consequently lead to staying warmer with fewer clothes on.

This is enabled by its polyester and elastane mix of materials, this extremely tight woven garment means that it is very tight on your body, however, you do NOT loose any range of movement within the body. This garment still allows you to move and swing freely.  The base layers compress on your muscles, causing them to activate and generate more power.

We have 4 main brands of base layers in store which include the following;

The base layers come with anti-odour technology and moisture transportation technology, this causes any moisture created by the body to be pushed away to the surface of the garments causing any moisture to dry faster. The garments also have a 4 way stretch fabrication which allows the garment to be stretch every way possible and still maintain its shape whilst also not restricting the body’s range of movement.


We have various sizes and colours in all brands available in store now.