South England squad player Josh Oddy has recently been having lessons with Steve Davis and has noticed a marked difference in his game. A combination of lessons, practice and a correctly fitted driver has meant Josh has been able to acquire over 40 YARDS extra distance. This was due to a variety of factors including his set up and also his existing driver being a poor fit.

Josh’ average driving distance measured when using the Trackman on 30thSeptember was 231 yards, with a Taylor Made RBZ Tour driver with 10.5 degrees of loft and a Matrix Radix HD6 stiff shaft.

oddy trackman

As you can see from the figures above the average launch angle was 5.8 degrees, combine this with the average spin rate of 2827 and his clubhead speed of 99mph it produced an average carry of 211.7 yards.

The first thing we set about changing was his attack angle in to the ball. His attack angle was around -4 degrees which meant he was hitting down on the ball too much with the driver. By adjusting his posture we were able to promote a more sweeping action with the driver which changed this attack angle and got it into the positive.

oddy trackman 2

Secondly we looked at the driver Josh was using and looked to improve the initial launch angle and spin rates. By changing to a Taylor Made R1 driver which has a wide range of lofts achievable in the same club we achieved a higher initial launch angle and this helped to increase his carry distance to an average of 255.4 yards.
You will also see how the club head speed has increased by around 4mph in a short space of time. This is partly down to the club fitting and improved technique, but also Josh has hit a lot of golf balls over the last 10 weeks so his timing has got better with his swing.
So the three factors of Club fitting, lessons and practice have all played a part in his improvement and if you are willing to take the time to go through these factors, at Westridge Golf Centre we have all the tools you will need and you can get the club fitting at no extra cost*
*There is a £50 club fitting charge, which is given in the form of a voucher that is then taken off the price of the club/clubs on purchase