It comes around every year and most people are not prepared for it so they end up stopping playing golf until the ban is lifted. However, now you have the chance to get yourself prepared in advance so you can keep yourself playing, even when its a little wet underfoot.
It is forcasted that we are due some heavy rain over the next couple of weeks, which may mean that trolleys could become banned for a while, so come and visit us in store and get yourself kitted out with a lightweight carry bag and any other small necesitites such as hand warmers, winter mitts and rain gloves.
The first of the necesities for the trolley ban is the lightweight carry bag and we have 3 main lightweight carry bags and all at a very reasonable price.
The first is a Callaway stand bag which is a very lightweight bag, has 5 pockets and two of which are a valuable pocket and a cool pocket to keep your drinks chilled. The bag is a very small and slim line bag which is ideal for storage or ease of carriage.
The second is a Titleist pencil bag, which is our lightest bag in our range and is very multi purpose bag as it can also be used as a “range bag” which means you can use it to carry half your set to save carrying the big heavy trolley bags. The bag is legless which is what makes it very light, however, it does come with 3 pockets and a drinks holder.
The third and final bag in our lightweight range, is our GO carry bag. This is another lightweight bag, with a single strap carry. This bag also has 4 pockets and one of which is a valuable pocket, this therefore creates a very slimline carry bag.
All bags have enough room to carry a full set of waterproofs, winter mitts and any other small winter necesitites you may need or desire to carry.
During the cold and wet winter season it is very important to keep your hands dry, warm and ready to hit your golf shot. your are able to do this with the following items;
It is key to try and have at least 2 out of 3 of these accessories in your bag over the winter, to enable you to still hit the same consistent shots without getting any loss of feeling in the hands as this will cause you to have little feeling through the shot and will find it tough to commit and consistently strike the golf ball.
Come and see us in store now and get kitted out with every you will need this winter!!