During the course of the winter we are expected to get rain, wind and cold temperatures. Which means you need to be correctly equipped with the right clothing, accessories and equipment  to aid you in a round of golf.
The 11 things that are essential for winter golf include;
Waterproof Coat
Waterproof Trousers
Waterproof Hat
Rain Glove
Winter Mitts
Hand Warmers
Spare Towel - Kept inside the bag to keep it dry
Leather Golf Shoes
Extra Gloves - Keep them in a plastic bag
A Harder Golf Ball
These 11 accessories, clothing and equipment are essential for you as a golfer, to enable you to stay warm during the round of golf. Which therefore causes the golfer to not stiffen up and stay  flexible.
When playing a round of golf in the rain, it is also increasingly important to keep you, your clubs and all your equipment dry. This can therefore be achieved by having the following items;
Double Cannopy Umbrella - To fight the gusty winds and keep the rain of you.
Bag Rain Cover - to keep your clubs, bag and grips dry.
I would also reccomend using a lower spinning golf ball in the winter, as ground conditions are generally softer and in high winds a lower spinning golf ball will travel straighter.
A perfect golf ball to use would be the Wilsonstaff DX2 Soft Golf ball, which has a soft outer layer on which creates a soft feel off all the clubs, however, has a lower spinning core which is perfect for windy conditions.