Many golfers turn up to a golf lesson not quite sure what going to happen to them. Many new golfers worry there will too much to take in and experienced golfers worry that the Pro will stand behind them tutting as they swing and then tell them they have to change everything. The coaches here at Westridge like to pride themselves on bringing new golfers to the game and taking them through the golf swing at their own pace

Each golf swing is unique and we work with what a person has already got and improve that, you just have to watch any golf tournament to see that there are no 2 golf swing the same. What they do all have though are a set of basics that have to be in place. The 3rd of those secrets to swinging like a PGA professional can be found below. Enjoy

If the Posture is the foundation to a swing & the Grip an essential marriage then your Alignment is the key to making it all work like a well oiled machine.

Poor alignment is like trying to drive a car in a straight line with the steering wheel turned to the right!!

You may laugh but golfers around the world do this day in day out.

Think Train Tracks –

1.Start off with 2 clubs on the ground, 1 where the ball is & point it towards your target.

2. Place the 2nd at your feet parallel to the first

3. Remove the club by the ball and take your posture with your FEET, KNEES, HIPS & SHOULDERS parallel to the club at your feet.

alignment 2

alignment 1

You may now feel that your pointing to the left of the target but the club face will now be taking dead aim at the flag!

Over my 3 blogs you now have the 3 key elements to a solid golf swing - POSTURE / GRIP /ALIGNMENT - Remember PGA just like the professionals here at Westridge. Merry xmas and a happy new year.

Tony Lloyd