Fill the gaps in your bag!
“My pitching wedge goes 110 yards but my sand wedge only goes 70 yards, I have nothing in between!”
“My 7 iron goes 150 but my 5 iron does not go any further”
“I wont get there with my 4 iron but my 5 wood will go too far”
With 14 clubs allowed in the bag it should be simple to fill most of the common distances you find yourself at when playing your course. However the above are complaints I hear regularly from customers who either do not have the correct combination of clubs in there bag, or sometimes have two or three clubs in the bag that actually go the same distance!
At Westridge we offer a find your distances service to show you the average yardage you achieve with every club in your bag and work out any clubs you may need or ones you do not need in your set.
If this is something you have heard yourself say about your club set then please pay us a visit instore where we can get you booked up on our Trackman to show you your exact club distances and help you fill any gaps in your golf bag you may have.