There are various types and brands of golf balls, which makes choosing the right golf ball key. This is where we come in, using our advanced knowledge on the various brands we have in store we can be sure to find the right product that suits your needs. We have 28 different models of golf balls in store, ranging from our lowest priced at £12 for 15 up to £40 for 12. We also have various offers on at the moment on golf balls which could meanyou get more for your money!
Idea 2 - Jumpers/Pullovers & Windtops
You are spoilt for choice when it comes to this idea as in store we have a large amount of brands, colours, styles and sizes. We have thick lined sweaters, down to lightweight windtops. Our lowest priced top is £40, ranging up to our premium top at £85.
Idea 3 - Golf Shoes
We have over 30 different models of golf shoes, including mens, womens and childens. We have all the major leading brands such as Footjoy, Adidas and Nike in store and in various sizes, however, if we dont have the size you need we can be sure to get it for you. We have shoes in store ranging from £45 up to our premium shoe at £110.
Idea 4 - Hybrids/Rescue Club
The rescue club can be a very useful club to have in the bag, making it a fantastic present for any golfer. The rescue club is a great alternative for the longer such iron such as a 3 or 4, it’s also very beneficial from difficult lies, the tee and from rough as it gets the ball airbourne faster. We have an abundant of brands, lofts and shaft flexes to suit any golfer making it an easy present to purchase.
Idea 5 - GPS Device’s
Using a GPS device can be like the “15th” club in the bag, it is a very useful aid for any level of golfer. Depending on the level of golfer, depends on which GPS device suits your needs. They start with the basic of devices which tell you yardages to the front, middle and back of each green. A middle of the road device tells you the same as a basic device but it also gives you the option to measure how far you hit shots, tells you statistics of each hole and you get to keep your score on the device as you go round. The most advanced device has all the bells and whistles it can do everything that the others can however, it also has a layout of each hole (Hole View) and tells you distances to any obstale which may be on the hole such as bunkers, water or ditches. Our basic devices start from £99 and they range up to our premium devices at £329.