This time of year is a typical time for most of us to make some New Year’s resolutions, the usual eat less, drink less do more exercise and these are usually forgotten by mid February but, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail! A few questions you should ask yourself about your golf for the forthcoming season.
What are your specific goals for this coming season? What do you need to improve to achieve them? How are you going to monitor this improvement? How will you know when you have achieved/are achieving these goals?
Whatever the goals are it is important that you are specific with what you are trying to achieve and to achieve this you need a clear picture of where your game is now so that you can judge if what you are doing to try and improve is working. If you are working on stopping your slice, take a look at your last 5 rounds of golf and see how many times you missed the fairway to the right (for a right hander) If your fairways hit percentage is 25% and 65% of the fairways missed are to the right, take a lesson with one of our professionals to work out whats causing this and then you can look at your next 5 rounds and see if this is number is increasing or decreasing so you are taking steps forward to improving your game. If you want to reduce your handicap from 21-16 what area of your game is the weakest and needs to improve to facilitate this? The more information and statistics you have about your game the easier it will be to highlight what areas need improving to enable this.
If you would like to discuss your goals for the forthcoming season or would like help in working out what you should be working on to improve your golf then please contact us in store where we can put together a plan to ensure your golf is moving in the right direction