When it comes to  the time to replace your  grips , there is such a large variety now that the selection process is becoming very difficult, to make the right decision for your requirements. Super Stroke, Golf Pride, Lamkin, G-RIP, Champ and Pure off the top of my head are some of the companies that make grips, so which one should you choose. I  would say that one of the best grips on the market is the Golf Pride MultiCompound MCC Plus4  .

The New Decade MultiCompound (NDMC) MCC Plus4 is a grip that was a tour influence designed grip , after many players on the European and U.S. PGA Tours had wanted a thicker feel underneath their lower hand on the grip. This was achieved by adding additional layers of tape underneath the lower hand until the required thickness was obtained. This trend has not gone unnoticed by Golf Pride who introduced  this new grip.

This tour-proven, hybrid grip, features less taper of the grip, a thicker feel under the lower hand and the lower half of the grip is also softer than the NDMC, due to the use of a softer rubber. The upper half of the MCC Plus 4 does feel just like the classic Multi Compound.  It’s firm with just enough cord to give you a great all-weather grip with a 4.6% larger lower hand diameter, than the Original MCC. ThePlus4 encourages lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased power which will all help to improve your game. This grip is available in undersize -1 colour, standard-5 colours and midsize-2 colours.If you require any more information or have any questions , drop in or give us a call on 613131 and we will do our best to guide you .