When it comes to putting and the kind of stroke that you make with the Putter , I believe that how your hands feel on the club has a major influence on how you make your putting Stroke . The smaller the grip feels in your hands ,the more the hands and wrists instigate the takeaway of the Putter, which in turn makes the whole thing into a wristy  putting method .The thicker the grip feels in the hands , the less the hands and wrists will work ,allowing a shoulder and arms action .

This shoulder and arms method, is now what most people are looking to achieve in their putting stoke and with this has come the huge uptake of the use of the SuperStroke putter grip . Over the last 4 years the SuperStroke has become more and more popular and now Odyssey and Taylor Made use this putter grip as standard on their Putters.

The SuperStroke is available in 4 different grip thicknesses ,starting with the thinnest 1.0 , 2.0 , 3.0 & 5.0 the thickest . It is available in over 20 different style and sizes and in so many colours too , so there will definitely be one to fit your eye and feel .

If you would like to transform your Putter or find out a little more about them , give Westridge Golf Centre a ring on 01983 613131 or  come in store and we will endeavour to help !