A View from the Shed
With June nearly upon us, my team and i are on top of the Spring growth and are presenting a golf course that is attractive and a challenge. The bunkers have been worked on, following the wet Winter and now present a fair challenge. It is never our intention to have many inches of dry fluffy sand, that would allow the ball to unfairly plug. Having worked at 15 Open Championships, i can assure all golfers, that the depth of sand is on par with those courses.
The long rough is also an attractive and additional challenge to the course. With the seed heads now formed and swaying in the breeze, only adds to the golfing experience. Those rough lined holes, present a good risk and reward challenge, together with encouraging course management skills from the golfer. When Tiger Woods won the Open some years ago at St Andrews, he did not take a wood from his bag all week !
The Greens are currently cut at a height of 3.5mm and running at 9.6. We hope to dress them with sand this week, this will hopefully increase the pace a little.