The Importance of Custom Fitting

The golfing season is coming so now is the time we need to get our golf game ready for the upcoming season. With a lot of companies introducing new clubs to the market at this time of year, this could be a good time to get yourself fitted for a set of irons, woods, wedges or even a new putter. By getting yourself fitted now this will give you plenty of time to get used to your new clubs so that when the season arrives you are comfortable with your new clubs and are able to play your best golf.

Here at Westridge Golf Centre we offer a FREE custom fitting service* so why not come into Westridge Golf Centre and speak to a member of staff about the process of custom fitting and how it can help your game remember here at Westridge Golf Centre we can fit for Irons, Woods, Hybrids, Wedges and a new Putter.

By getting the right set of Irons, Woods, Hybrids, and Wedges fitted you can not only improve your good shots but more importantly you can improve your bad shots as when golf clubs are fitted correctly for your swing the bad shots will be straighter and less punishing when you miss hit the ball. With getting a putter that is fitted correctly to your stroke and feel not only will you hole more putts you will have lower scores as this is part of the game that most players don’t realise they can improve just by getting a putter that suits your stroke.

Having a custom fit at Westridge Golf Centre is a painless experience as we pride ourselves in finding the right head, shaft, length, lie and grip to complement your swing, this is made simple when we analyse the broad range of data generated by you and your swing, captured by Trackman.  This makes sure the clubs are then tailored to your individual needs, which is essential for your game.

Custom fit clubs can only lead to improved performance.

To book a Custom fit at Westridge Golf Centre please call 01983 613131


0% interest on purchases available in store

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