With the long hot sunny spell coming to an end and the typical British summer finally arrived, you need to make sure you are prepared for all weather conditions. As you can see from the last week we have everything from 30+ degrees, howling winds and torrential rain. So you really must be prepared for all weather conditions.

For the heat and sunshine, make sure that you have sun cream, plenty of water, nutritious snacks, and spare gloves as you will sweat within the glove due to the heat. Therefore you will need to change every few holes to keep maximum grip on the club.

For the windy conditions you need to make sure that you are wearing correctly fitted garments so your clothes don’t act as a kite. You need to try and make sure that you wear a windstopper garment, which will keep you warm and your muscles relaxed.

For the torrential rain conditions, try and keep yourself dry by having a good sized “Gust Buster” umbrella. Also, try and make sure you have a good waterproof glove or several gloves that you can use when one gets wet. Also keep your towel hanging inside your umbrella so you have something to dry your hands on that isn’t soaking wet.

A great umbrella to have would be the Callaway double canopy umbrella, as it has the gust buster technology in it with the double canopy and its big enough to keep you and your clubs dry!

A great waterproof glove to have would either be a pair of Mizuno waterproof gloves or a single Footjoy glove. However, make sure that they are wet otherwise they won’t work to their full potential.

Fantastic nutritious snacks would be such things as nuts, fruit, protein bars and isotonic syrups.


If you would like to know any more about how to battle the variation of conditions, then feel free to come and have a chat with me and we can discuss this further.


Have a great week golfing

Daniel West