Pure Your Hybrid
Hybrids may be dubbed as the easy to hit alternative to long-irons, however, some golfers still really struggle with the consistency of strike, launch and distance. Similar to the fairway woods, we must try to make sure the impact area of the golf swing consistent and repeatable as this is the key to achieving better results with your hybrids. The extension of the arms plays a vital role in this, perhaps more than you may think.
A common mistake we often see is the arms rise up and the hands move towards the body and the elbows flex. I see this a lot in golfers that struggle to get the ball launching in the air. This fault creates the club to come up too early, which won’t allow you to deliver the club at the bottom of the swing like you want.
It is so important to maintain a good impact position if you want to get the most from your hybrids. When the elbows flex, the hands then rise and you bring the club up away from the ball, creating an inconsistency with the strike.

To maintain a better strike and a stronger trajectory, you need to release the club and fully extend your arms through impact. I’ve got a great drill to help you work this into your technique.

Try this drill – Feel the extension

Place the ball about 6-8 inches further forward of its normal position and play a normal golf swing. The aim is to still strike it pure. This then teaches you to stay down through your golf shot and extend your arms through the ball. If you don’t do the drill correctly, you will either miss the ball or top it. Play 3/4 golf shots with the ball further forward, feeling your extending your arms.

Then return to hitting normal shots, with the ball in its usual position for around 10 shots and then return back to the drill. This then creates a focus and generates a good solid muscle memory when executing the correct golf swing.

I hope this helps and if you want any more information or swing tips, then feel free to read my other weekly top tips or book a golf lesson with myself by calling 01983 613131.

Have a good week golfing.

Daniel West