Some of you may strive to achieve a hole in one and never get one, others may strive for it and get more than one. Whatever the case may be, the key thing is to try and stay calm and collected for the coming holes. As you can quickly make your round much better, however, it can also have the opposite effect and be much worse.

I came across this situation on Sunday 1st July, whilst I was playing in my last amateur event. I stood on the 8th tee 221 yards at Westridge Golf Centre, with a breeze into our face. I’ve hit a gripped down hybrid off the left hand bunker and cut it back to the flag, it started on a perfect line and landed softly. Then the ball just disappeared, however, normally when this happens it goes over the back. I arrived at the green and this was not the case, I had canned it from 221 yards! Happy Days! By this point my heart was raising and adrenaline was pumping round my body.

Stood on the 9th tee, my blood was pumping adrenaline round my body, however, I thought I was calm and collected and had myself under control. Boy was I wrong after my 9th tee shot. I had pumped my tee shot over the back of the green and left a tricky chip for where the pin was on the day. This just shows me that even when I thought I was calm and collected, I was not. This was my 3rd hole in one of my career and doesn’t get easier to control. My advice if you do especially if you get your first one would be to take some big deep breathes and slow your heart rate back down to somewhat close to normal. From there I would have a drink and take a minute to calm down and re-focus yourself on the next shot.

You WILL NOT control the adrenaline that’s coursing through your body, so have that in mind and club down if need be as it will give you a bit extra yardage, even if you do all that I have recommended.

If you’ve read this blog and then gone onto use these techniques when you got a hole in one and it’s helped, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


Have a great week’s golfing