If you have been reading my blogs recently, you will know that I had my PGA playing exam on 23rd July, in which I missed the qualifying score. However, I will be re-taking it on Monday 13th August.

I was working on hitting a fade with all my clubs and everything was working fine leading up to the 1st tee shot. My first shot was a pull draw out of bounds and this pull draw consisted to stay throughout the round. which caused me to get myself into some tricky positions. No matter how much I relaxed and stayed focused, there was still an element of tension within my muscles and couldn’t allow myself to make a free flowing swing that I needed. However, throughout the day one of the biggest offenses I came up against was the heat on the course! It reached 34/35 degrees Celsius for most parts of the time on the course, this paired with having to wear TROUSERS whilst playing as its part of the PGA rules of etiquette and attire made things very tough.

There are certain things you can do whilst you are trying to battle with extreme temperatures whilst on the golf course. The first key thing is to stay hydrated, as you will be losing a lot of fluid through sweating, urinating and breathing. They say you need to drink 3.5 pints of water on a normal day, to stay properly hydrated and keep your mind sharp. This can easily be doubled to 7 pints on a hot day and perhaps even 8-10 pints during exercising.  Therefore during a round of golf, try and take on board 2-3 pints every 9 holes and this will help you keep your focus. You’ll know if you become dehydrated, because many of the symptoms are obvious. Feeling thirsty is your first warning. If you’re feeling a little parched, you’ve lost around 1% of the water in your body. If you lose 2% and you’re officially dehydrated.

During my  2 rounds of golf, I consumed 8 x bottles of 500ml water, 4 x bottles of Lucozade and 2 x bottles of Fanta.  Alongside this, you need to take on board the correct foods to keep your energy levels up alongside your hydration levels. Foods to keep your energy levels up would be such things as protein bars, banana’s, nuts and isotonic energy gel’s.

These two things play a crucial part in shooting good scores and keeping your energy levels up. Another must if you are on the golf course for a long time, is to make sure that you keep yourself topped up with sun tan lotion, especially on the back of your neck and face. Also, when you can find shade us much as you can and try to keep your core body temperature down, if need be then use an umbrella to shield yourself from the heat!


If you apply these things during a round of golf, I can assure you that you will stay focused for longer and stay stronger for longer.


Thank you for reading my blog

Have a great week’s golfing

Daniel West