The internet can be a great resource for people looking to expand their choice of products to buy and also use it as a way of saving money. Online stores are highly competitive, not only with the other online stores but with other everyday competitors like local shops. Price comparison websites also make looking for that great deal a lot easier than before. All of these things seem great, but sometimes everything is not as it seems. I’m going to list below the disadvantages of shopping online, and the reasons you should always try to shop with your local Pro!

  • Online shoppers do not have the ability to physically inspect or try on the items being considered for purchase
  • Online shoppers lose any negotiation power in terms of price and payment terms for a product
  • You’re never sure if the site is a genuine legitimate business store and is safe to purchase from
  • Online shoppers do not have a person to talk to when purchasing a product or enquiring about a potential problem
  • Restocking and potentially shipping costs are sometimes charged on returned items

Your local pro shop isn’t just a place to buy golf balls and book a tee time, it’s your golfing headquarters! It’s a place to chat about your swing, about the weekends golfing events on the PGA Tour, a place to grab a cup of coffee or tea whilst taking a few stabs with the latest putter that you have just picked up off the rack, or see how the latest TaylorMade driver feels in your hands when giving it the few customary pre-shot waggles! It’s also a place to stay whilst waiting for a guest to turn up and meet you, or whilst you wait for the passing thundershower halfway through your round! The greatest golf shops are a place where people feel comfortable to linger around browsing the latest goods and spend time chatting with the staff. All these things you do not get by shopping online! While the big online stores offer a feeling of a kid in a sweet shop with loads of choice at great prices, they lack the welcoming service and intimacy of your local pro shop! This is the one thing they will never be able to provide you when shopping!

In the late seventies, the PGA ran a promotion that said: “People who know buy from their Pro” and this is still the case today!

Christopher Reed

PGA Professional

Westridge Golf Centre