So now that the lighter evenings are on the way and you can nearly get out and do 9 holes after work you need to start thinking about how you can improve your golf game this summer from tee shots all the way through to your putting.

Why don’t you come and speak to a member of the teaching staff to see how we can get you enjoying and playing better golf in the 2018 season.

Here at Westridge Golf Centre we not only do lessons in the teaching room hitting the same shot every time,we could go and take you round the course for a few holes perhaps a certain shot that is letting you down from putting to your tee shots we could evaluate your game and set out a programme to improve your golf for the 2018 season.

By having a lesson with a member of our teaching staff we could devise your own personal plan for your golf development and improvement in the 2018 golfing season.

Remember we can do lessons on Tee shots, Iron play, pitching, chipping, putting, bunkers, learning to move the ball a certain direction and even part of the mental game of golf.

Please call 01983 613131 to get started today