I have been playing golf for the past 19 years, and have seen many changes in the game during that time. With what Tiger Woods has brought to the game in terms of fitness and strength, has just transformed how golfers are approaching the game! Also companies are using new and improved technology which is changing performance! All you hear and see on adverts is about how far new drivers are hitting the ball, how new irons are going further and straighter, how new wedges are spinning more around the greens! This is all very true, but during this time of increased technology, the most important club in the bag has always been, and still is the putter! How many times during a round of golf can you play nowhere near your best, but the putter saves you, and a decent score is achieved? Flip that to another day where you play very well, but walk off the course with a poor score because you’ve had loads of putts and should have won!

Here at Westridge, not only do we have four coaches that can improve your putting with a lesson, we now have the new Trackman 4 which can analyse your putting and give you an in depth look at your stroke in the same way as a long game session. Similar to a wood or iron shot, you want to know the full journey the ball takes from start to finish. How much the ball is skidding? When the ball begins to roll? Launch direction? Roll speed and roll percentage? These insightful data points capture what the ball does during strike until standstill, providing you with accurate information and making sure that nothing is left out.




If your thinking of having a putting lesson on trackman please give us a call on 01983 613131

Christopher Reed

PGA Professional

Westridge Golf Centre