So as I was stood at the urinal at Westridge Golf Centre the other day I started reading the small snippets of information about the Professionals at the centre and I said to myself “Dan West Club Champion, Chris Reed Multiple Pro-Am winner, Simon Hayward Multiple Alliance Champion” Then finally “Steve Davis - Right handed”! This was the most useful information the producer of this poster could think of at the time, the fact that I was right handed which led me to thinking about my fairly modest playing career so far as a Professional! My best performance in a Professional tournament was 2nd in a Pro-Am at Test Valley, I have come 2nd in the Alliance Championships on a couple of occasions but that is as good as it gets so far so I believe it is time to change that!

I must add that up until this point I have never really focused my efforts on the playing side of the game since turning Professional. I enjoy my coaching and now have a young family so my time has been taken up elsewhere, but this time in 2018 I want to have changed that so it reads

‘Steve Davis - Played in The Open 2018’

Now I am a realistic guy and understand that the standard of guys playing out there is unbelievable so if I were to make it through the Regional Qualifying event and make it to final qualifying that in itself would prove a fantastic achievement and this is going to act as my focus to get my game as good as it can be.

So how can I prepare for it? Again being realistic I work 40 hours a week and with a young family as well means that I won’t be able to dedicate all of my time to it, so I have to plan my time well to ensure I am making the most of it and focusing on the right things to get the results I desire.

So the first thing I need to know is where do I stand currently. I’m a touch over 6 ft (not likely to change), I currently weigh 12 stone 5 lbs (was 13 stone 4lbs end of Jan 2017) and with the driver I swing the club 102/103mph and carry the ball around 250 yards. Where would I like to be? Weight around 11 stone 7 lbs and swinging the club as fast as I can!

We are coming into the off season for golf over here so I am purely working on my fitness at the moment, first target is to get to my goal weight whilst improving my general fitness and from there I shall focus more on strength training to hopefully gain some club head speed and some yardage before ramping up the levels of practice.

I shall be using the Trackman on a regular basis where I can take tests which give me scores based on the proximity to the flag with each shot to help track my progress. This is a fantastic tool for improving your game and something we can offer you here at Westridge Golf Centre

Below is a link to a short game test where it gave me a random yardage between 20 & 50 yards which I had to then land the ball as close to that point as possible

For anyone looking to improve, confidence is based on results and if you take a test and score 77.9 then score better the next time you do it, you know that what you are doing is working, you are improving and can take confidence from that going forward.

Whatever your goals or targets are for next year or if you would like us to help set some for you and help you plan out how you are going to achieve them, then please come and see us in store and we will happily set you up a program to ensure you improve.