Base Layers for the Winter

During the winter period the temperature can drop quite severely to freezing temperatures, which can then cause the golfer to “layer up” just so he/she can stay warm during a round. Well now you don’t have to as much, you can simply wear a base layer. These base layers act as a second layer of skin as it clings to your body tightly, thus causing minimal heat evaporation, which will consequently lead to staying warmer with fewer clothes on.

This is enabled by its polyester and elastane mix of materials, this extremely tight woven garment means that it is very tight on your body, however, you do NOT loose any range of movement within the body. This garment still allows you to move and swing freely.  The base layers compress on your muscles, causing them to activate and generate more power.

We have 4 main brands of base layers in store which include the following;

The base layers come with anti-odour technology and moisture transportation technology, this causes any moisture created by the body to be pushed away to the surface of the garments causing any moisture to dry faster. The garments also have a 4 way stretch fabrication which allows the garment to be stretch every way possible and still maintain its shape whilst also not restricting the body’s range of movement.


We have various sizes and colours in all brands available in store now.

Christmas Draw

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Cowes Golf Club Voucher                  Bob Cloke                     


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Golf Buddy                                            Ernie Moore                


Callaway Pack                                      Paul Jenner                 


Benross Driver                                     Alan Seager                  


Puma Belt                                             Ray Dove                      


Cobra Stand Bag                                  Karl Skoludek              


Ping Cap                                               Charlie Taylor              


Nike Top                                               Ray Dove                      


Taylor Made Balls                                Kantima Clarke            


Galvin Green Top                                  Ernie Moore                


Hadcover                                                Dave Norris                 


Nike Hat Clip                                         Pete Holdcroft             


Callaway Pitch Fork                              Dave Norris                 


Taylor Made Towel                               R Spencer                    


Callaway Jumper                                   Roy Rowles                  


Nike Towel                                             Vincent                         




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The 11 Key Items Needed For Winter Golf

During the course of the winter we are expected to get rain, wind and cold temperatures. Which means you need to be correctly equipped with the right clothing, accessories and equipment  to aid you in a round of golf.
The 11 things that are essential for winter golf include;
Waterproof Coat
Waterproof Trousers
Waterproof Hat
Rain Glove
Winter Mitts
Hand Warmers
Spare Towel - Kept inside the bag to keep it dry
Leather Golf Shoes
Extra Gloves - Keep them in a plastic bag
A Harder Golf Ball
These 11 accessories, clothing and equipment are essential for you as a golfer, to enable you to stay warm during the round of golf. Which therefore causes the golfer to not stiffen up and stay  flexible.
When playing a round of golf in the rain, it is also increasingly important to keep you, your clubs and all your equipment dry. This can therefore be achieved by having the following items;
Double Cannopy Umbrella - To fight the gusty winds and keep the rain of you.
Bag Rain Cover - to keep your clubs, bag and grips dry.
I would also reccomend using a lower spinning golf ball in the winter, as ground conditions are generally softer and in high winds a lower spinning golf ball will travel straighter.
A perfect golf ball to use would be the Wilsonstaff DX2 Soft Golf ball, which has a soft outer layer on which creates a soft feel off all the clubs, however, has a lower spinning core which is perfect for windy conditions.

Tony’s Top Tips

Many golfers turn up to a golf lesson not quite sure what going to happen to them. Many new golfers worry there will too much to take in and experienced golfers worry that the Pro will stand behind them tutting as they swing and then tell them they have to change everything. The coaches here at Westridge like to pride themselves on bringing new golfers to the game and taking them through the golf swing at their own pace

Each golf swing is unique and we work with what a person has already got and improve that, you just have to watch any golf tournament to see that there are no 2 golf swing the same. What they do all have though are a set of basics that have to be in place. The 3rd of those secrets to swinging like a PGA professional can be found below. Enjoy

If the Posture is the foundation to a swing & the Grip an essential marriage then your Alignment is the key to making it all work like a well oiled machine.

Poor alignment is like trying to drive a car in a straight line with the steering wheel turned to the right!!

You may laugh but golfers around the world do this day in day out.

Think Train Tracks –

1.Start off with 2 clubs on the ground, 1 where the ball is & point it towards your target.

2. Place the 2nd at your feet parallel to the first

3. Remove the club by the ball and take your posture with your FEET, KNEES, HIPS & SHOULDERS parallel to the club at your feet.

alignment 2

alignment 1

You may now feel that your pointing to the left of the target but the club face will now be taking dead aim at the flag!

Over my 3 blogs you now have the 3 key elements to a solid golf swing - POSTURE / GRIP /ALIGNMENT - Remember PGA just like the professionals here at Westridge. Merry xmas and a happy new year.

Tony Lloyd

Prepare For The Trolley Ban

It comes around every year and most people are not prepared for it so they end up stopping playing golf until the ban is lifted. However, now you have the chance to get yourself prepared in advance so you can keep yourself playing, even when its a little wet underfoot.
It is forcasted that we are due some heavy rain over the next couple of weeks, which may mean that trolleys could become banned for a while, so come and visit us in store and get yourself kitted out with a lightweight carry bag and any other small necesitites such as hand warmers, winter mitts and rain gloves.
The first of the necesities for the trolley ban is the lightweight carry bag and we have 3 main lightweight carry bags and all at a very reasonable price.
The first is a Callaway stand bag which is a very lightweight bag, has 5 pockets and two of which are a valuable pocket and a cool pocket to keep your drinks chilled. The bag is a very small and slim line bag which is ideal for storage or ease of carriage.
The second is a Titleist pencil bag, which is our lightest bag in our range and is very multi purpose bag as it can also be used as a “range bag” which means you can use it to carry half your set to save carrying the big heavy trolley bags. The bag is legless which is what makes it very light, however, it does come with 3 pockets and a drinks holder.
The third and final bag in our lightweight range, is our GO carry bag. This is another lightweight bag, with a single strap carry. This bag also has 4 pockets and one of which is a valuable pocket, this therefore creates a very slimline carry bag.
All bags have enough room to carry a full set of waterproofs, winter mitts and any other small winter necesitites you may need or desire to carry.
During the cold and wet winter season it is very important to keep your hands dry, warm and ready to hit your golf shot. your are able to do this with the following items;
It is key to try and have at least 2 out of 3 of these accessories in your bag over the winter, to enable you to still hit the same consistent shots without getting any loss of feeling in the hands as this will cause you to have little feeling through the shot and will find it tough to commit and consistently strike the golf ball.
Come and see us in store now and get kitted out with every you will need this winter!!

How about some more distance?

South England squad player Josh Oddy has recently been having lessons with Steve Davis and has noticed a marked difference in his game. A combination of lessons, practice and a correctly fitted driver has meant Josh has been able to acquire over 40 YARDS extra distance. This was due to a variety of factors including his set up and also his existing driver being a poor fit.

Josh’ average driving distance measured when using the Trackman on 30thSeptember was 231 yards, with a Taylor Made RBZ Tour driver with 10.5 degrees of loft and a Matrix Radix HD6 stiff shaft.

oddy trackman

As you can see from the figures above the average launch angle was 5.8 degrees, combine this with the average spin rate of 2827 and his clubhead speed of 99mph it produced an average carry of 211.7 yards.

The first thing we set about changing was his attack angle in to the ball. His attack angle was around -4 degrees which meant he was hitting down on the ball too much with the driver. By adjusting his posture we were able to promote a more sweeping action with the driver which changed this attack angle and got it into the positive.

oddy trackman 2

Secondly we looked at the driver Josh was using and looked to improve the initial launch angle and spin rates. By changing to a Taylor Made R1 driver which has a wide range of lofts achievable in the same club we achieved a higher initial launch angle and this helped to increase his carry distance to an average of 255.4 yards.
You will also see how the club head speed has increased by around 4mph in a short space of time. This is partly down to the club fitting and improved technique, but also Josh has hit a lot of golf balls over the last 10 weeks so his timing has got better with his swing.
So the three factors of Club fitting, lessons and practice have all played a part in his improvement and if you are willing to take the time to go through these factors, at Westridge Golf Centre we have all the tools you will need and you can get the club fitting at no extra cost*
*There is a £50 club fitting charge, which is given in the form of a voucher that is then taken off the price of the club/clubs on purchase