Tony’s top tips 2

Many golfers turn up to a golf lesson not quite sure what going to happen to them. Many new golfers worry there will too much to take in and experienced golfers worry that the Pro will stand behind them tutting as they swing and then tell them they have to change everything. The coaches here at Westridge like to pride themselves on bringing new golfers to the game and taking them through the golf swing at their own pace

Each golf swing is unique and we work with what a person has already got and improve that, you just have to watch any golf tournament to see that there are no 2 golf swing the same. What they do all have though are a set of basics that have to be in place. The 2ND of those secrets to swinging like a PGA professional can be found below.

THE GRIP -  the hands are your only contact with the golf club so this needs to be a close, loving relationship!

Poor placement of the hands is a major factor in the most common problem amateur golfers face,


The hands should be in close contact with each other and should act ‘as one’ and not 2 separate hands. Whether you use the ‘baseball’ grip, interlocking grip or the Vardon (over lapping) grip the same principles remain.

  1. You should see 2 knuckles when looking down on your top hand & only 1 knuckle on your lower hand.
  2. Grip pressure should be relaxed and without tension
  3. The club should be placed in the fingers of the hands and NOT the palm.

grip 1

To ensure proper placement of the top hand try this quick tip.

Hold the club in front of you and remove your lower hand. Then release your 3 lower fingers and thumb leaving the club locked in place by your index finger and pad. If the club falls out of place then try again!

grip tip

If you think of the grip as your steering wheel in your car, if its properly aligned you’ll drive in a straight line! Look out for my next blog which will give you the 3rd key to a consistent golf swing. If you need any extra help or advice Myself, Steve or Simon are always on hand for lessons.

Tony Lloyd - PGA Professional

Junior Christmas Golf Festival

Monday 23rd December

10am - 3pm

Bring your child along and get them involved with our fun packed golf day. Including many skills games and challenges.

Includes lunch, refreshments and certificates.

Only £35

Call 01983 613131 to book your child in today.

Events over Christmas

Over the Christmas period we have a variety of events happening that you may wish to get involved with.

The first event happening up here is the Yonex Demo Day, which gives anyone the opportunity to test out their new range of irons and woods. However, anyone looking to purchase a club can book themselves a custom fit with the Yonex rep! This would be a one to one session on the driving range going through everything to find that perfect club to suit you. The demo day is being held here on the 12th December between 2pm – 6pm, therefore to book a custom fit then give us a call on 01983613131 and get a slot before they are all gone!

On the 14th December the ladies are having their annual 9 hole Christmas stableford followed by their Christmas banquet.

We are hosting our annual Christmas draw along side the Ernie Moore Charity Trophy on the 22nd December. You can enter our Christmas draw for only £1 a box and stand a chance of winning a year’s free membership, along with other fantastic prizes! If you have entered our Christmas draw then you are more than welcome to come along and play in the Ernie Moore Charity Trophy. The charity trophy raises money for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice which is just one of the many charities we raise money for. You can start anytime after 8am however all the cards must be in by 12 noon to be entered into the competition, which is then followed by the Christmas draw, all we ask for as an entry fee is a donation.

To top of the Christmas month we have another Junior Golf Festival on the 23rd December, where any junior can join in. The festival includes fun skills games and challenges to test everything they have learnt in their lessons or in practice. The festival will run from 10am til 3pm, and they will be stopping half way for some lunch provided by us. For your child to join in the festival fun it is only £35 inclusive of the lunch.

Whilst all this is going on over the Christmas period we are still on going with the junior roll up lessons on a Saturday and Sunday at 2pm which you can bring your child along and can learn how to play golf for only £7 per lesson. For the adults the mid-week roll up lessons are also still on going for any of you needing a few tweaks.


Christmas Gift Ideas

What to get a golfer for Christmas

What can you get a person who has everything for Christmas?

Well if they play golf it is very easy and the following are a few ideas

Premier League Items

Premier League Items

If they have a favourite football team there are a lot of items to choose from with the name of their favourite team on the item the following are just a few of the items available

Tees all golfers need tees and are constantly running out

Ball Markers and pitchmark repairers

Carry bags and stand bags for the serious supporter of a club

Practise Equipment

Practise Equipment

Putting Matt – Golfers through the winter always want to practise their putting stoke

Chipping Net – A great way for a golfer to keep their short game up to speed during the winter months

Golf Bags

Golf Bags

At Westridge we have a wide range of stand bags from £35 and trolley bags from £50 however if  buying as a surprise the best way is to have a look at their golf clubs and see what make they play with and match the bag to that make.



Buying clothing for someone is always a bit of a gamble however we do give gift receipts and are open boxing day so they can always change the items over.

Lady Items

Lady Items

We stock a wide range of ladies clothing and we do a lot of stocking fillers for the lady golfer.



Golf Balls and towels are also something a golfer always needs

Gift Vouchers

A lot of golfers always require something for their golf game so gift vouchers are always well received.

6 Week Beginner Programme

6 Week Beginner Programme

Every six weeks we offer the chance for anyone to join our new beginner programme. The programme has been running since early summer and has been proven to be very popular. The six week programme consists of learning the six key skills needed to prepare yourself to take on the golf course.

We go through the following:




Bunker shot

Full swing with an iron

Full swing with a driver

Couple of the guys having a go outside in the chipping lesson

This gives anyone new to the game the chance to grasp the basic’s, which is especially key at the start of the learning to aid future golfing potential.  The beginner programme is run with a maximum of 8 students per group, thus giving the coach a chance to see everyone for a quality amount of time within each lesson.

We run courses on a Tuesday at 6pm, also a class is held on a Saturday at 3pm. Some of these lessons may be held in darkness however here at Westridge Golf Centre we are host to our state of the art floodlit driving range so lessons and practice can be done day/night.

To find out more information or about when our next available courses start then get in contact with us via email at give us a call on 01983 613131.

The new Trackman update

The new Trackman update

Any body who has had a lesson or a custom fit at Westridge Golf Centre in the last 10 years would have come across the Trackman radar system. For any one that has not used the system before you are really missing out as it is a fantastic tool for club fitting, teaching and practice. If you have no idea what Trackman is then let me explain. You may have seen it before used on either Sky TV or the BBC golf coverage, and it uses doppler radar to track the flight of the golf ball from the second it leaves the club to the final finishing point of the ball. Along with this it tracks the club path, swing speed face angle and spin rates along with everything to do with the ball flight to help analyze swing faults as well as getting the correct fit for a set of golf clubs. All this information helps the coach to prove the effectiveness of various swing drills and provides instant feedback to the player about what they need to achieve with the swing.



The screenshots above show some of the data that the Trackman records for a player, such as ball speed, club speed, carry distance and club path which tell you everything you need to know about the shot and swing, whether it was hit out the centre of club, what the spin rates where, whether your swing path was correct, which all helps the player and the coach understand more about the swing characteristics and can pinpoint the players flaws.
A lot of greens are missed by players because they do not have the correct club and land either short or long of the target. By using the Trackman to find your distances you get to go through and hit shots with every club in the bag to know exactly how far each one goes, which is important to know as you improve, or if you have just changed to a new set of clubs
We have recently had the Trackman unit updated and we can now hire it out to people making their practice even more tangible.
The latest update allows players to do a Trackman combine test which consists of 6 shots to 10 different targets and gives every shot a score out of 100, 100 being perfect 0 being not so much! By doing this over 10 different target lengths it really makes you focus on every shot and also gives a great insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each player.
By looking at the report from the test below you can see that the most points were scored from 140 yards away from the target. This can really help when choosing which club to hit off the tee or to what distance to lay up to on a par 5 so that the shot into the green is played from the most comfortable distance. It also serves to highlight a particularily poor distance so gives more clues at to what shots need to be practiced.
At the end of the test you will be given a total score and a report is produced showing the finishing position of every shot hit so again, a great way of working out your weaknesses. The total score is then uploaded to the ‘mytrackman’ website where you will be positioned against everybody else in the world, country, age group or however you want to be compared.
We also have a local leaderboard, where you are pitted against everyone else who has completed the test at Westridge Golf Centre, and prizes are available for top scorers both monthly and yearly.
If you wish to have a go at the trackman combine test, find your distances or want to see what your swing looks like on the video camera then please see instore for further details and pricing, or check out the Trackman Pages on our website.