Golf Course Update

There will be a trolley ban in place a numerous times over the winter, however, to keep you updated it will be assessed on a daily basis and will be placed on Twitter, Facebook and our website each time a ban is in place. Alternatively you can call us on 01983 613131 for an update each morning by 8:30am.

From the grass roots

From the grass roots

Here at Westridge Golf Centre we constantly strive to improve your golfing experience. To that end, in my time as course manager, my team and I have built or rebuilt ten tees, nine bunkers and a practice green. These, together with the re-shaping of fairways, all help to enhance the playability of the course. This also helps increase the risk and reward challenge for every category of golfer.

ALL CHANGE !! My department is currently going through staff changes. Dan West and Joe Wright are now back in the Pro Shop, with Joe concentrating on his PGA training. Therefore both are generally off the golf course. John Mitchell, our mechanic has also moved on. I thank all three for their help and wish them well.           Westridge now has a new mechanic, Paul Hellyer. I also have a new assistant starting on December 1st, Trevor Blair. I would like to welcome both to the team.

Many of you have asked me which tournament i will be attending in 2015. I will be working at the US PGA at Whistling Straits. I have also been invited to assist the ground staff at the Rugby World Cup. I am looking forward to both experiences.

Preparing For Winter Golf

As golfers we all know the winter weather can effect both our mental strength and physical ability to get around the golf course. However, now manufacturers have produced a way for you to be as comfortable as you can but still have the ability to make good golf swings. For winter merchandise one of the best company’s around the world is Galvin Green.
The company is based in Sweden where they have testing weather conditions so warm comfortable clothing is imperative. Galvin Green base there range on warm winter clothing and they produce many items such as:
Second layer garment (Insula & Wind Stopper)
Full waterproof suits in various colours
The Second Layer - (Insula & Wind Stopper)
Galvin Green do two types of outer layers which are the insula layer and the wind stopper layer. It is recommended that only one of these two layers would be needed however there are differences between the two.
The wind stopper layer is 100% polyester but also has a gore-tex layer which means as well as being warm it is waterproof as well. The garment does come with waterproof warranty as it has been tested and made to withstand a higher water pounds per square inch than many other company’s actual waterproof jacket. Being a wind stopper, the garment is very light and comes with toggles at the bottom so can be worn in various ways.
The Insula layer is a slightly different, it is made up of two materials which are polyester and elastane. The garment is 90% polyester and 10% elastane meaning it isn’t waterproof like the wind stopper however, it is still a very warm top. The jackets inner pattern which looks like a grid allows the garment to breath but yet still keep the warmth in. The garment comes in various styles and colours, it also has the beneficial choice of sleeveless and sleeved giving multiple choices of ways to wear the garment.
Hats & Snoods
A bit like the second layer garments, the hats too also have a choice of Insula and Wind Stopper qualities.  The woolie hat in the Wind stopper is a fantastic garment which we think is key for this winter, as the hat will keep you head completely warm without getting sweaty hair or head as the materials within the garment absorb any moisture away from the skin, which then evaporates away from the garment. These hats also come in various colours.
The insula hat and snood is also a bit like the second layer garment where any heat that is trapped within the garment between the skin and the garment itself is trapped inside, which is then heated up by your own body temperature. This then causes the heat between the garment to become regulated, which consequently keeps you warm. If you are worried about moisture being trapped to, not to worry as although the body heat is regulated and trapped in the garment. The moisture is still able to be exported out of the garment as water molecules are smaller than air molecules causing the heat to be trapped but the moisture to be transported away.
Winter Gloves
The Galvin Green winter gloves also come with the Wind Stopper technology. You may start to see a bit of a pattern that with most of their essential garments there are two types, the Windstopper garments and the Insula garments. This is because they are very popular and they have been proven over many years to keep the body warm and dry in all weather conditions.
Waterproof Jackets & Trousers
Waterproof jackets and trousers come under two sub groups, the “performance shell” and the “paclite”. The jackets are made out of GORE-TEX, which combined with Wind Stopper technology make the waterproof range of Galvin Green the ultimate waterproof suit!
The paclite jacket weighs as little as 3 golf balls! which makes it the perfect jacket if space and weight is crucial for your golf game. There is a protective layer on the inside of the GORE-TEX membrane which makes a separate lining unnecessary. (trousers act in the same way)
The performance shell jacket is a little thicker and heavier than the paclite, however, it was designed this way causing the jacket to be warmer for the colder winter weather. Even though this jacket is thicker and warmer, the moisture is still drawn away from the skin and the garment causing the body to stay warm and moisture free.

Christmas Junior Golf Festival

On Monday 22nd December we are hosting our Christmas Junior Golf Festival.
The day will run from 10am till 3pm and a lunch is provided by us.
Come and join Dan and Joe here at Westridge Golf Centre, for our fun golf day. We go through a whole range of challenges from putting through to full swing.
A full day of golf with expert tuition to turn you into the star golfer!
The cost of this FUN packed day is only £35!
Please contact us on 01983 613131 to book your place, numbers are limited and places will fill fast so don’t wait to long to book your child’s slot.
Hole in One

Hole in One

A hole in one achieved by Martin Debenham on the 7th hole in the November Vase, following golf tradition Martin bought all competitors a drink. fortunately for him he entered the hole in one club and the bill  was paid by Westridge golf club.

Halloween Junior Festival

Halloween Junior Festival 2014


We held our annual Halloween junior festival yesterday on 30th November and what a fantastic day it turned out to be. We had beautiful weather and a great group of children which made the day. At the beginning of the day we split the group into two teams, Team Dan & Team Joe. Team Dan consisted of Charlie Morrisey, Stephan Cassell and Bailey Hyde.

Team Joe consisted of Jimmy Morrisey, Anya Clarke, Albert Newman and Jay Tucker.


We started off the day with a bit of chipping and to test their skills we adapted the fantastic game of battleships, to test both their accuracy and their distance control.

Our best chipper for the day was Jimmy Morrisey, who knocked over four cones meaning he sunk one of the oppositions “battleships”!!


We then moved on to a bit of pitching to test their abilities on the slightly larger shot, getting them to focus on controlling their distance with the length of their swing. This was then challenged by getting them to aim for two 20ft circles and various distances and angles. Therefore causing them to adjust and realign themselves each time they take a shot.

Our best pitcher for the day was Charlie Morrisey, who got 5 golf balls to LAND & FINISH in the circle.


Our next skill was to test them at their bunker shot. This shot is similar in technique to the pitch shot, and the group flourished putting most adults to shame! However, we did test their skills by getting them to aim for a 6ft circle around the flag and they got 3 points if the ball finished in the circle, 2 points for getting the ball to finish on the green and 1 point if the got the ball out the bunker. There were some very great shots, one of which was by Albert Newman who got the ball to within an inch of the hole!! However this was not enough to beat our winner Bailey Hyde who can now be crowned bunker king. He had a very impressive 8 points out of 3 balls!


We finished of the morning with a bit of putting, however, not to their knowledge we had a dark, spooky, putting game to finish in one of our teaching rooms. We did start them off on the putting green, working on their distance control by setting up three stations and getting them to hit three balls per station. We then moved them onto the “Ten Pin Putting” game, a close adaptation to ten pin bowling. This is where you have ten balls and the idea is for each golf ball to hit one cone at a time. (One ball is only allowed to knock down one cone at a time) This gets them concentrating on accuracy and pace of the putt.

We then took the group into one of our teaching rooms where we had the mysterious game set up ready for a haunted putting experience, we had glow sticks hanging from places to give a little light and luminous golf balls so they could see what they were hitting. Apart from that everything was pitch black which made the task even more testing.

The group was split into two teams again and they were working as a team whilst trying to score the most points for themselves. On each mat the most amount of points available is 20 per person, however the target for this score is the size of a golf hole which is a very testing score for the most advanced. Stephan Cassell out putted everyone at this game and took the darkness in his stride as he shot a very impressive 9 points, he must eat his carrots! Therefore meaning he became the putting champion!


After lunch they went out and worked on Iron’s. The first stage of the youngsters using they’re irons was to pick a target to aim for so they weren’t just hitting shots any where onto the driving range. This strategy helped Me Joe Wright and PGA Professional Steven Davis into identifying faults in the pupil’s swings and then correcting them. The game played using the irons was a simple one, all that was asked of the juniors was hit one shot between 2 different targets selected by Joe and Steve. The rules were also simple as if they got it between they were through to the next round and if they didn’t they were out. We had 3 rounds in the end and after a playoff between Jimmy Morrison and Stephan Cassell we had our most accurate iron player who was Jimmy Morrison.



The final skill of the day was driving which had to be one of the closest challenges throughout the group, as well as the irons the driving game consisted of the group having to hit they’re ball between two targets. If they hit the shot through the targets they went through to the next round and if they didn’t they were eliminated. However the targets would get smaller and smaller until we had the winner. Our driving winner was young Albert Newman who managed to hit his shot through two targets approximately 15 yards wide.


As the weather stayed dry and warm for us we got the group out onto the golf course to play a Texas Scramble in their original teams. Team Joe went off first and there were some great shots made by the team and they did manage to score a 4 on our par 3 1st hole.

All in all a great day was had and the participants are now looking forward to the next junior festival held in the Christmas holidays.