What a “Super”Stroke

When it comes to putting and the kind of stroke that you make with the Putter , I believe that how your hands feel on the club has a major influence on how you make your putting Stroke . The smaller the grip feels in your hands ,the more the hands and wrists instigate the takeaway of the Putter, which in turn makes the whole thing into a wristy  putting method .The thicker the grip feels in the hands , the less the hands and wrists will work ,allowing a shoulder and arms action .

This shoulder and arms method, is now what most people are looking to achieve in their putting stoke and with this has come the huge uptake of the use of the SuperStroke putter grip . Over the last 4 years the SuperStroke has become more and more popular and now Odyssey and Taylor Made use this putter grip as standard on their Putters.

The SuperStroke is available in 4 different grip thicknesses ,starting with the thinnest 1.0 , 2.0 , 3.0 & 5.0 the thickest . It is available in over 20 different style and sizes and in so many colours too , so there will definitely be one to fit your eye and feel .

If you would like to transform your Putter or find out a little more about them , give Westridge Golf Centre a ring on 01983 613131 or  come in store and we will endeavour to help !

Dan’s Weekly Top Tips

How to play the knockdown shot

There are two things that will determine the height of your golf shots. The loft on the club at impact and the speed at which you are swinging. It makes sense that when learning how to play the knockdown shot, these are the two factors to adjust. Obviously, you need to de-loft the club at address and you do that simply by moving the ball back in your stance. With the ball back, your hands will automatically be ahead of the ball and you’ll be strengthening the loft of the club by around 10˚.

Your swing speed determines how much backspin you create – more backspin equals a higher flight – so you need to swing a little slower. You can do that by pure feel but I prefer to shorten the swing. A three quarter backswing and follow through will take important backspin off the shot. Just note that as you are looking to take speed out of the swing, you may need to take an extra club to hit your usual distance. Experiment with this on the range – it’s great fun to do and really helpful once you get to the course.

1 Address keys

Move the ball back in your stance so that your hands are a couple of inches ahead. This will help you create the low initial trajectory you are looking for.

2 Backswing check

Removing speed from your swing is key to keeping the flight down. Just hit a few half shots with a 7-iron on the range and you’ll see. For a punch, swing back to three quarters your usual length.

3 Flight and balance

Again, make a three quarter length follow through feeling like you are ‘punching’ the ball through the wind. You should be able to hold this finish, maintaining your balance comfortably throughout.

A view from the shed

A view from the Shed

2016 has been a good year on the golf course here at Westridge. The fact that we have only had 617mm of rainfall, which is 247mm below average for the course, has helped. The course remains well presented, with definition being a focus. The young gorse on holes 2-4 is now becoming well established, creating a pleasant risk and reward challenge. This coupled with the longer natural rough, bordering holes 5-9 helps create an aesthetically pleasing course. There has been a subtle reshaping of some fairways too.

The pace of the greens have been pleasing this year, however, a little disease has reared its head again. This is due to the mild damp conditions, so until nature provides me with two weeks of hard frosts, i continue to treat it both culturally and chemically.

With sunrises like this at the end of December on the course, only highlights the pleasure of playing golf, even at this time of year.

From my staff and myself, may i wish you all a happy, healthy New Year and keep those bogeys under control !

Happy Christmas

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A Merry Christmas and a

Happy New Year

Plan for the golfing season ahead

This time of year is a typical time for most of us to make some New Year’s resolutions, the usual eat less, drink less do more exercise and these are usually forgotten by mid February but, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail! A few questions you should ask yourself about your golf for the forthcoming season.
What are your specific goals for this coming season? What do you need to improve to achieve them? How are you going to monitor this improvement? How will you know when you have achieved/are achieving these goals?
Whatever the goals are it is important that you are specific with what you are trying to achieve and to achieve this you need a clear picture of where your game is now so that you can judge if what you are doing to try and improve is working. If you are working on stopping your slice, take a look at your last 5 rounds of golf and see how many times you missed the fairway to the right (for a right hander) If your fairways hit percentage is 25% and 65% of the fairways missed are to the right, take a lesson with one of our professionals to work out whats causing this and then you can look at your next 5 rounds and see if this is number is increasing or decreasing so you are taking steps forward to improving your game. If you want to reduce your handicap from 21-16 what area of your game is the weakest and needs to improve to facilitate this? The more information and statistics you have about your game the easier it will be to highlight what areas need improving to enable this.
If you would like to discuss your goals for the forthcoming season or would like help in working out what you should be working on to improve your golf then please contact us in store where we can put together a plan to ensure your golf is moving in the right direction

The Right Grip

When it comes to  the time to replace your  grips , there is such a large variety now that the selection process is becoming very difficult, to make the right decision for your requirements. Super Stroke, Golf Pride, Lamkin, G-RIP, Champ and Pure off the top of my head are some of the companies that make grips, so which one should you choose. I  would say that one of the best grips on the market is the Golf Pride MultiCompound MCC Plus4  .

The New Decade MultiCompound (NDMC) MCC Plus4 is a grip that was a tour influence designed grip , after many players on the European and U.S. PGA Tours had wanted a thicker feel underneath their lower hand on the grip. This was achieved by adding additional layers of tape underneath the lower hand until the required thickness was obtained. This trend has not gone unnoticed by Golf Pride who introduced  this new grip.

This tour-proven, hybrid grip, features less taper of the grip, a thicker feel under the lower hand and the lower half of the grip is also softer than the NDMC, due to the use of a softer rubber. The upper half of the MCC Plus 4 does feel just like the classic Multi Compound.  It’s firm with just enough cord to give you a great all-weather grip with a 4.6% larger lower hand diameter, than the Original MCC. ThePlus4 encourages lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased power which will all help to improve your game. This grip is available in undersize -1 colour, standard-5 colours and midsize-2 colours.If you require any more information or have any questions , drop in or give us a call on 613131 and we will do our best to guide you .