Footjoy 2019 footwear range

Today I had the opportunity to view the 2019 range of shoes from Footjoy and I must say there were some exciting additions to the existing range. With the fantastic summer we had this year spikeless shoes became a larger part of their business and with this in mind they have some really on trend designs including a range of machine washable footwear that you can wear down the high street as well as on the golf course. They are finding a greater number of players who want to put a pair of comfortable shoes on in the morning, wear them to the golf course play their round and then drive home in them and have catered for this with some really lightweight comfortable shoes.

One of their spiked ranges features a type of memory foam in the sole of the shoe that will mould to your foot shape to provide supreme comfort as well as a really funky looking shoe, plus for the player who prefers a traditional looking golf shoe you are not forgotten. They still have the ever popular Dryjoys range which gives you that classic look but with the added comfort benefits of the modern day footwear.

I may have already given away more information than I should but the new ranges will be in our stores around February/March 2019 and I am sure you will like what you see.

In the meantime we have a few of the discontinued shoes not carrying forward in to next years range now on sale in store for half the marked price so if you are looking for a bargain please come in and see us.


Improve your game this winter with Skytrak

Fancy playing 1000’s of different courses from the comfort of your own home?

With Skytrak you can play some of the world’s top golf courses from your home or garage as well as hone your technique with this personal launch monitor. Skytrak is a camera based launch monitor which tracks what the golf ball is doing through impact which gives you accurate information about the ball flight and distance achieved. This can then be used in a variety of different modes so you can play, practice and improve on your game throughout the winter period

Plus when buying direct through the skytrak website and using the code WESTGC200 you will receive £200 off the price of the unit plus you will also receive a £50 voucher to spend instore with us at Westridge Golf Centre. If you would like any further information about the skytrak launch monitor then please go to or see our PGA Professional Steve Davis instore who will happily talk you through the product and its benefits.

Putting the Taylor Made GAPR to the test!

Putting the GAPR to the test

Taylor Made recently brought out their new range of GAPR clubs designed to bridge the gaps between your longest irons in the bag through to the fairway woods. Knowing your yardages is so important when it comes to improving your scores and trying to hit more greens in a round of golf so it is imperative that you have the right clubs in the bag to get you those distances consistently.

So the first thing I want you to think about is what is the longest number iron you have in the bag that you feel confident about striking well? Iron sets in golf shops going back 15 years would have 9 irons, 3 through to 9 plus a pitching wedge and sand wedge and I’m sure half of you now have a brand new 3 and 4 iron tucked away at home somewhere from a set that you don’t take out with you because you have never been able to hit them well enough consistently so don’t bother with them. If you were to look along the shelves of most pro shops nowadays you will probably struggle to find a 3 iron and that is because of the immergence of hybrid or utility clubs as they are also known.

These clubs were introduced a while ago now so chances are you have had a go with one, but if you have not they are definately worth testing.

I GUARANTEE if you hit 10 balls with a 3 iron and 10 balls with a 3 hybrid you will get

A better ball flight for going into greens

A greater level of consistency in terms of distance achieved

More distance playing from the light rough and semi-rough

Plus for the majority of golfers I believe you will carry the ball through the air with significantly more distance.

Put them to the test

This leads us on to the new Taylor Made GAPR range which have 3 different models based on the ball flight you are looking for, hi, mid and lo which gives you a clue about the trajectories you will achieve from each model but they all also have a slightly different look to suit your individual needs. Plus each model features a loft sleeve which allows you to alter the loft 1.5 degrees each way to fine tune your ball flight and distance even more so.

So the chart below shows the results with each of the 3 different clubs and as you can see the average height shows that they do produce different trajectories in line with what they should be. Looking at the results the most consistent for me was the GAPR Hi which from the best to the worst was only 8 yards difference in distance whilst the Lo and the Mid was a 20 yard gap. Plus whilst warming up with each club I found a couple of poor strikes lost even more yardage so there is definately more forgiveness in the GAPR Hi than the Mid and Lo but on looks alone I preferred the Mid. The furthest distance was achieved with the Lo but I would look at this one only if you are a consistent ball striker or have a high ball flight

So in summary, for anybody looking to improve their golf make sure they know their yardages for each of their clubs. The What’s in my bag feature on our TopTracer driving range takes you through each club in the bag and gives you not only the distances, but also a percentage level of consistency for each one so you can use this to highlight your strengths, weaknesses and the irons you are comfortable hitting so you can work out what gaps in your bag need filling and we can then help you find what you need to help you hit more fairways and greens.

Importance Of Custom Fitting & Hot Products

Good afternoon, this week my blog consists of information regarding custom fitting and how it will benefit your game! Also some news about a few hot products to come into Westridge Golf Centre recently! Hope you enjoy the read 🙂

Importance Of Custom Fitting

In many ways, golf club custom fitting is like buying a new pair of shiny golf shoes. Why would someone who is serious about playing even consider buying an expensive pair without trying them on first? Perhaps it is now time to start applying this logic to golf clubs too. You could go out and spend thousands of pounds on the latest new set of golf clubs, but could very well hit them worse if they are not as suited to your swing characteristics as the previous model. Here at Westridge we use the latest Trackman technology, and we guarantee if you have a fitting you will be impressed with the service we offer and how it can help your golf! Please call us here at Westridge Golf Centre and speak to one of the team for more information regarding this great service.

Footjoy Shoes

When a golfer says Footjoy, immediately the words comfort, performance, and traditional come to mind. Footjoy has been committed to creating superior golf shoes that will enhance your on course experience. Second to none Footjoy is the choice for the player that loves the game, from young to old, from amateur to professional. For more than 60 years Footjoy has been the leading shoe on the PGA Tour, which proves when given the choice the best players in the world choose the best shoes in the world. Here at Westridge Golf Centre we stock a wide range of models, including the “ProSL”, “Contour Fit”, “DNA”, “Tour-S”, “ARC”, and “AWD” which range in price from £160 down to £70 


Motocaddy Trolleys

Motocaddy brings the very best in design, build, and functionality to golfers of all ages and abilities looking for a reliable and affordable golf trolley. This seasons range is the most comprehensive yet, so if you’re looking for a golf trolley from a brand with strong after sale support, then Motocaddy is the one for you! Please pop into Westridge Golf Centre and see them for yourself, where we stock the latest models including the S1, S5, M3 and more recently the brand new S5 Connect model! The most technologically advanced product in the Motocaddy range and a world first in the trolley sector. The S5 Connect can be linked to the fully-featured Motocaddy GPS App via a Bluetooth connection on any compatible smartphone, allowing the trolley’s digital display to be used in place of a conventional GPS, offering front, middle and back distances to the green along with par of the hole, plus a clock and round timer.


Thank you for taking your time to read this latest blog, to book a lesson with myself please call 613131

Christopher Reed

PGA Professional

Westridge Golf Centre

A View From The Shed

Thankfully, the snow left as quickly as it arrived this time. Today we have a clear blue sky, however, with a -3c frost, the ground temperature is 5c below this time last year. This together with the recent heavy rainfall, to my mind has put us back about 6 weeks.

Today is the first time I have managed to carry out any work on the greens. We are solid tining them, to a depth of 4″, allowing much needed air into the soil profile and to aide surface drainage.


New Titleist Iron Range!

Last week I had the opportunity to try out the complete range of Titleist irons going into 2018 and must say I was impressed with both the looks and performance right the way through the range.

A lot of the promotion around clubs you see now is all about distance, distance, distance which is obviously nice but at the same time with an iron you need to have the control going into the greens to make sure that ball stops where you want it to.

Titleist now have 6 different irons to provide different levels of forgiveness and distance whilst throughout the range maintaining this level of control.

The range is a follows

718 MB - This is the bladed iron for players after a small sleek clubhead with minimal offset offering the ability to shape the ball with ease.

718 CB - The CB is a classic looking iron that is packed with all the modern technology to provide a great combination between forgiveness and workability

T-MB irons - This irons started off as a long iron replacement last year but its appeal and success has meant it has been made available as a full set and these provide great distances throughout the set

718 AP1 - The AP1 is aimed at the player looking for forgiveness from an iron, it features tungsten weighting set in different areas throughout each club enabling the optimum centre of gravity position for each club in the set.

718 AP2 - The AP2 is a forged iron aimed at the player looking for consistent distance as well as a classic looking club head with that soft forged feeling

718 AP3 - A new iron introduced to the AP family this iron combines the best features of both the AP1 & AP2 irons into the one club providing a great looking players club enabling superb distances.

So with all this information I set about seeing the performance and you can see all the shots plotted below

So as you can see from the graph the longest club was the AP1 irons with one in particular going over 10 yards further than any other shot. As you would expect the least forgiving iron, the MB blade iron was the shortest distance but the grouping was fairly consistent so ideal for someone who strikes the ball consistently and wants the feedback of a mishit to help in the strive for excellence.

The CB iron for me provided the greatest level of accuracy with the worst being 4 yards left of target and one 3 yards right worth about 8 yards of difference in the longest and shortest ones, the AP2 iron was very consistent for length and a great looking club and the T-MB iron was great for distance and apart from one (which I dare say could have been an operator error) was also consistent with the distances.

However my personal favourite was the AP3 iron, I loved the look and the design of it, it provided great distance and was pretty accurate and felt as if it provided the level of forgiveness that I look for in a club.

HOWEVER what suits one person does not suit everyone else so I urge you to try the complete range to find the one that works for you and provides you with what you are looking for in a golf club. They really do have a great range and a club to suit every level of player so come see us in store where you can book a fitting to see what performs for you.