A View From The Shed

The last couple of weeks have thrown up most weather conditions (apart from frost & snow) Here on the course, we have experienced a second growth spurt, which now seems to have abated now.

The reason for the slower pace of the greens, over the last week is three fold. Firstly, the Poa is seeding more profusely than i can remember. Secondly, i have treated the greens with a selective weedkiller, which by its nature makes the grass plant bolt. Thirdly, i applied a feed together with the selective weedkiller, therefore that has encouraged the growth too.

The long grass bordering the 5th - 9th holes is clearly having the desired effect.

It has tightened those holes up nicely, looks good and encourages biodiversity in those areas. I have received comments regarding the length of the grass. However, it is a hazard, as would a lake, river, cliff etc be. Therefore the golfer’s course management and decision making, should take that into consideration, when playing those holes.