Putting the GAPR to the test

Taylor Made recently brought out their new range of GAPR clubs designed to bridge the gaps between your longest irons in the bag through to the fairway woods. Knowing your yardages is so important when it comes to improving your scores and trying to hit more greens in a round of golf so it is imperative that you have the right clubs in the bag to get you those distances consistently.

So the first thing I want you to think about is what is the longest number iron you have in the bag that you feel confident about striking well? Iron sets in golf shops going back 15 years would have 9 irons, 3 through to 9 plus a pitching wedge and sand wedge and I’m sure half of you now have a brand new 3 and 4 iron tucked away at home somewhere from a set that you don’t take out with you because you have never been able to hit them well enough consistently so don’t bother with them. If you were to look along the shelves of most pro shops nowadays you will probably struggle to find a 3 iron and that is because of the immergence of hybrid or utility clubs as they are also known.

These clubs were introduced a while ago now so chances are you have had a go with one, but if you have not they are definately worth testing.

I GUARANTEE if you hit 10 balls with a 3 iron and 10 balls with a 3 hybrid you will get

A better ball flight for going into greens

A greater level of consistency in terms of distance achieved

More distance playing from the light rough and semi-rough

Plus for the majority of golfers I believe you will carry the ball through the air with significantly more distance.

Put them to the test

This leads us on to the new Taylor Made GAPR range which have 3 different models based on the ball flight you are looking for, hi, mid and lo which gives you a clue about the trajectories you will achieve from each model but they all also have a slightly different look to suit your individual needs. Plus each model features a loft sleeve which allows you to alter the loft 1.5 degrees each way to fine tune your ball flight and distance even more so.

So the chart below shows the results with each of the 3 different clubs and as you can see the average height shows that they do produce different trajectories in line with what they should be. Looking at the results the most consistent for me was the GAPR Hi which from the best to the worst was only 8 yards difference in distance whilst the Lo and the Mid was a 20 yard gap. Plus whilst warming up with each club I found a couple of poor strikes lost even more yardage so there is definately more forgiveness in the GAPR Hi than the Mid and Lo but on looks alone I preferred the Mid. The furthest distance was achieved with the Lo but I would look at this one only if you are a consistent ball striker or have a high ball flight

So in summary, for anybody looking to improve their golf make sure they know their yardages for each of their clubs. The What’s in my bag feature on our TopTracer driving range takes you through each club in the bag and gives you not only the distances, but also a percentage level of consistency for each one so you can use this to highlight your strengths, weaknesses and the irons you are comfortable hitting so you can work out what gaps in your bag need filling and we can then help you find what you need to help you hit more fairways and greens.