In golf there are lots of important fundamentals such as the Grip, Aim, Alignment, and Posture but the one that is forgotten about the most is Ball Position. The more consistent a golfers ball position is, the more consistent his/her shots will become. The problem with defining ball position is one of relativity because a golfers stance will vary considerably from club to club, and many don’t understand the relationship between the width of your stance and ball position.

Moving the ball around in your stance has a huge impact on how the balls height and flight changes. So to hit the ball high and low doesn’t necessarily just mean you have to change clubs, for example a 5iron up to a 6iron, but you can change the height of any specific club by moving the ball position further forward or further back in your stance at address.

When moving the ball back or forward in the stance I am talking about marginal changes nothing drastic. For example, you would normally play with the ball position just forward of centre in the stance for a 7iron. If you were to move the ball around 1 inch back in the stance, the ball flight would be lower. If you were to move the ball around 1 inch forward in the stance, the ball flight would be higher. Golf clubs change around 4 degrees in loft per iron, so by moving the ball forward or back around 1 inch in the stance will significantly affect the trajectory.

The following pictures will demonstrate where the ball position should be when hitting a high, low, or standard shot with a 7iron:







Standard Height - Ball Position just forward of centre







High Flight - Ball Position more towards left ankle







Low Flight - Ball Position more towards right ankle

As you can see from this blog, from moving the ball position in the stance it will affect the trajectory of the golf balls flight. This means you can play three different types of shot with the same club. When your next practicing give this a try and see if it works for you. This hopefully will give you an extra dimension to your game, and help you in certain situations you might encounter on the golf course.

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Christopher Reed

PGA Professional

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