Back when I was an amateur, I remember playing golf with my friend on a lovely sunny afternoon and watching him really struggle with his game and he wasn’t enjoying being out on the course. I gave him a quick tip and immediately this made a massive difference and his golf improved, and his enjoyment! This was the time I realised how rewarding it was to help someone with their golf swing and see their face light up after hitting a good shot.

Now I’m a Professional, it has got to the stage where I actually enjoy helping people hit great shots more so than when I do myself (Not that I hit many!). The game of golf has been so good to me, and now I want to do everything I can in order to help as many people as possible achieve their goals. Golf is supposed to be fun, but the amount of fun a player experiences quickly diminishes as soon as they make things more complicated for themselves. Whether you are a very keen golfer, someone who is not able to play as often as you would like to, or someone who is starting out and thinking of taking up the game, the key to enjoying the game on a higher level is “SIMPLIFY”!

Simplifying your swing thoughts will not only speed up the rate at which your swing improves, you will also improve your confidence and therefore enjoy the game a lot more! For example, many players who come to see me for a lesson are quick to blame their bad shots that go left and right on certain flaws in their golf swing. They immediately start to change things in their swing when the problem might actually be taking place before the swing even begins. If the shots are not going where you want them to, first check your grip, stance, and set up to ensure that you are setting yourself up properly for a good shot. Many of my lessons come to me complaining about consistently hitting the ball left or right of their intended target, yet as I watch them hit the shots, it is clear they are consistently aiming exactly where the ball goes. They do not realise that they are aiming in the wrong direction, so when the ball doesn’t go where they want it to, they automatically assume there is a fault in their golf swing.

Another way to enjoy the game of golf more is to have realistic expectations. Golf is not how good your good shots are, it’s how good your bad shots are during a round. We need to expect that we are going to hit some bad shots during the course of the round and not every shot is going to be perfect. Many amateurs always come up short when hitting a shot to the green, because they choose a club which needs a perfect strike in order for it to go the required distance. They swing the club as hard as they can and then wonder why the consistency suffers. Instead choose a club which goes a little further than the intended distance and swing easier and more within yourself. This will make it possible to incorporate proper swing mechanics which will automatically improve your consistency, and improve the odds that your ball ends up on the green. (Of course you need to access the trouble surrounding the green for example, if there is water behind the green, you might want to stick with the original club to make sure you have no chance of going over the green and long). Since “feel” is so important in the golf swing (long and short shots) the less technical you can make things, the easier it will be to incorporate good rhythm, timing, and tempo.

The game of golf has so much to offer people of all levels, and we can enjoy the benefits of the game to its fullest if we just don’t over think things and simplify our overall approach.

I hope this blog has been helpful to you. Please call 613131 to book lessons with myself. Thank you

Christopher Reed

PGA Professional

Westridge Golf Centre