Playing golf during the winter is not everyone’s cup of tea! Weather is often horrible with lots of rain, cold winds, poor visibility, and the condition of the course itself is……..let’s just say it can be a challenge to shoot your best scores with these issues presented when playing. Regardless though of all these things, there are plenty of people who choose to brave the elements in order to practice the game they love. If you’re going to master the course and keep your handicap coming down over winter you will need help to do this. Having a lesson on a regular basis will help you to play better consistent golf, but also having the right equipment will give you the edge you need to beat the elements and play better golf. Below is a list of things that will help you to achieve this:

  • Beanie Hat: It is crucial to stay warm and dry when playing golf in the winter. If you’re too cold you can’t think straight let alone swing straight. Because you lose a great deal of heat through your head, it makes sense to keep it covered with a soft warm beanie or bobble hat.

  • Mittens: Hitting a shot with cold hands can not only be very painful, but your overall feel of a golf shot will be affected therefore affecting performance. Mittens are easy to put on and take off, and are used when walking between shots from tee to green. Most have Velcro cuffs stopping the wind and rain getting inside meaning your hands will be nice and warm when playing your next shot.

  • Rain Grip: Playing in the rain provides plenty of issues, but the most frustrating thing is losing grip on the club because it’s too slippery and because of this your shot becomes affected. Rain grips have a waterproof coating to keep your hands dry and a suede palm to help with grip.

  • Umbrella: The most crucial piece of equipment to have in the rain! Not only will the umbrella keep you dry when striding down the fairway to your next shot, it will also keep your clubs dry whilst you are hitting a shot. Without one of these playing in the rain will be made even harder than it is already!



We have all these accessories in stock plus many more available which would come in handy for this time of year, starting from £1.75p. So feel free to pop in and start to see an improvement in your game this winter! If you would like to book a lesson with myself please call 01983 613131. Thank you



Christopher Reed

PGA Professional

Westridge Golf Centre