Welcome to our newest Staff member George

We would like to take the time to introduce you to our newest staff member George Eastwood. George joined us this week and will be working in the shop and hopes to one day progress to do his PGA training and become a golf coach. A keen sportsman George enjoys his golf, a bit of football as well as cycling and running and will be competing in a triathlon in September so moves straight in to the number one spot as our most physically fit member of staff!
We will be helping in any way we can to get George to the required standard to be able to start his PGA training and we will keep you informed of his progress along the way and what we are doing to bring his handicap down in the right direction.
To start his journey we need to get a clear picture of where his game is currently at and then decide what he needs to do to improve.
So how can we do this? Scoring is the first obvious one, as well as statistics from previous rounds and also a player profile wheel like which allows both the coach and player to assess the strengths and weaknesses.
So I asked George to download the myroundpro app onto his mobile which gives him GPS distances on the golf course, but also allows him to plot where he hits each shot on the course as he plays and this can then give us a statistic called Strokes Gained and we can use that against a defined baseline and see where he is gaining or losing shots during a round.
I played 9 holes with George Wednesday night to get a basic view of his game and was impressed with his ball striking, but have seen a couple of things we need to work on initially to help bring down his scores. Initially we are going to make a change to his grip which will take some time to bed in but will allow him to release the club in the correct way through impact. Also we are going to schedule in some time in the bunker to put in place the foundations to firstly ensure he gets out the bunker first time.
We will keep you posted with his progress