Custom Fitting

All the professionals at the British Open this week have had their club custom fitted to their own swing have yours been measured to your swing?

Here at Westridge Golf Centre we offer a FREE custom fitting service* so why not come into Westridge Golf Centre and speak to a member of staff about the process of custom fitting and how it can help your game.

By getting the right set of Irons fitted you can improve your good shots but more importantly you can improve your bad shots as the graph’s below shows what could happen if the golf clubs are not set up for you and your swing.



As you can see from the two images above if you have a club that is slightly to flat for you and the shaft is a little too stiff the miss of your bad shots will end up being to the right of the target or even worse you could have a club that is too upright which is always trying to send the ball left and a shaft that is too stiff that will be trying to send the ball right so your miss could be either side of the green or fairway so with a club that is not correctly fitted you  will always be trying to get the hands to work more through impact to get the club square to the target rather than just standing up to the ball and swinging away with no fear of missing the green.

When having a custom fit at Westridge Golf Centre we pride ourselves in finding the right head, shaft, length, lie and grip to complement your swing, this is made simple when we analyse the broad range of data generated by you and your swing, captured by Trackman.  This makes sure your clubs are then tailored to your individual needs, which is essential for your game.  For example, the right shaft should help to improve control over flight, just as the right head choice should help make the most of your off centre hits.  Custom fit clubs can only lead to improved performance.

So next time you are thinking about making a new club purchase and investing in your golf, call in and see us and let us do all the technical work with you.  We offer an excellent custom fit service at Westridge, so don’t forget to have a chat with us when you are next in and get yourself booked in for your personally tailored custom fit.