2018 has finally arrived and the golfing season is fast approaching. My first top tip for the 2018 season is GOAL SETTING. Set yourself some achievable goals for the coming year.

This may include such goals as cutting your handicap to 18 or single figures, reducing your putting average, holing more 3 foot putts or even winning a tournament that you’ve wanted to for a while. The key thing is just to make sure it’s achievable as long as you work at it. An example of something that’s not achievable would be something like being off 18 and wanting to win the Hampshire scratch championships. However, something that could be is to win the club handicap championships or getting cut to 15. Use the image below as a breakdown guide on how to set your goals. They must be S.M.A.R.T.

Another top tip to get yourself ready for the season is to really dial in your distances with every club, so you know exactly how far they are going. You can get a rough idea when using our driving range, however, if you want to know more accurate figures then getting yourself on our Trackman system is the best way to do that. Get yourself booked in for a Find Your Distances session, which takes around 45 minutes. In this session, we will get you to hit between 5-10 golf balls with each club and then give you an average carry and total distance with all variables taken out. So this can even be done on a cold windy day. The cost for this session is only £30 with myself and all you need to do is call me on 01983 613131 with some dates and times that suit you and we can get you booked in.