If you’ve been reading my blogs recently, you will know that I have been preparing myself for my PGA playing test and taking you through various obstacles and battles that you come across when playing a big event. We have talked through the mental battle, the nutritional side of things and how to battle the elements (hot, wet & cold).

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that I passed my PGA playing ability test! I passed the test on the second attempt at the same course! This is what I will be basing my blog on today. Being able to overcome bad feelings and thoughts from a previous bad round or certain bad shots, is a big part of being able to bounce back and play good golf. The professionals that you see on TV do this very well, because you only see their good shots on TV.

If you look onto Youtube at the worst shots on the PGA over a certain year for example, you will see that they too can hit some shockers and some bad rounds. Then when they come back to play the following year, they always seem to hit the best shots or play some amazing golf at places where they last had a bad time. They do this by placing a block in their minds and filling it with pure confidence.

When you come back to a course after missing a cut or having a bad score/shot, then you need to fill yourself with complete confidence leading up to the event and on the course. Have a clear thought in your mind as to what golf shot you want to execute and be totally focussed on that. This will then get you to completely forget about the previous memories and allow you to play some of your best golf from scenarios where you may have had some of your worst.


Positive Mental State

You need to get yourself into this state leading up to an event to give yourself the best chance.

I did this by purely focusing on a feeling I wanted to get to at the top of my golf swing and focussed on a shot I wanted to execute.


If you want to talk more on ideas about how to overcome your bad memories from courses or certain situations. Then please feel free to come and talk to me and I would love to have a conversation about things and see if I can help you.

Have a great weeks golfing!

Daniel West