In this blog, I am going to talk through a few simple checks and give you some simple tips to help cure your slice.

Cure Your Slice

Before you can correct any major flaw in your golf swing, it is important to understand the reason why you slice the ball.

The “slice” is caused by the path that the club travels as it makes contact with the ball is across the line (out-to-in) and the face is open to the swing path.

Ideally, your swing path would have a direction that travels from inside the line to outside the line (in-to-out).

If your swing path is travelling across, from out-to-in, that then gets the ball to travel and spin on a tilted axis, which takes the ball on a left to right flight pattern (for right-handed golfers).

Once you gain an understanding of how you produce a slice, we can then take a look at what causes that swing path and how to prevent your slice. Below are my 3 tips to cure your slice and how they will improve both the path of your golf swing and the way the club travels through impact to improve the quality and accuracy of your strikes.


1 Release the club

This may be something that you have heard before, however, not quite fully understood it. It is a lack of release with the hands and forearms through the golf ball.

If you are late in releasing the club through impact and don’t rotate the forearms then it will often mean that the shoulders lead the swing, therefore the club then comes across the ball and the face is pointing right. This will then cause a slice that will lose you both distance and accuracy.

A perfect drill to get you away from a poor release would be to take your normal address position but then hover the golf club about a foot off the ground.

From there make a half swing and work on rotating the hands and forearms through the impact zone. Repeat over and over to get the feeling of the right positions to create a good positive muscle memory.


2 Ball Position

A core fundamental such as your ball position can be the cause of a slice. If the ball is set too far forward in your stance this will cause you to swing across the golf ball as you are passed the mid-point of your golf swing, causing you to swing across the ball.

We are looking to have the driver ball position just inside your left heel. The ball position is a good checkpoint to make every time you are working on your game, as this can be a major factor of bad outcomes.


3 Check your grip

My last reason to talk through with you that golfers struggle to release the club is due to their grip being too weak. With the top hand being too far underneath the club, which then becomes very difficult to release the club and square the face up through impact.

At your address position, check that you can see two knuckles on your top hand to ensure that the grip is neutral so that you can release the club through impact. If you can get a feeling of a better hand position at address, this will really help to fix your slice.

If you have any questions about any of this or would like to know more then please come in and see me for a chat or we could book you in for a lesson with myself.

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Have a great weeks golfing.


Daniel West

Assistant PGA Professional