Over the last few months, I have been looking into how positive imagery has a massive impact on the outcome vs negative imagery. By which I mean if you are standing over a 3 ft putt, if you have a negative image in your mind that you are not going to hole this putt, then you are more likely to miss the putt. Which for most of you would seem like simple logic, the more negative you think the more your likely to miss and the more positive you think, the more likely you are to hole the putt.

This is where it gets tricky within the brain, as we can all train ourselves to start with a positive imagery thought in our minds as we start off, however, if we start to miss some putts as this can happen as we are only human. How do we keep the positive imagery thoughts going?

This is where you have to think about the law of averages. Yes, we are going to miss some putts no matter how good we are or how positive we think. However, if we keep ourselves in a positive imagery thought process, combined with the law of averages that states (if you miss putts, you will not keep missing. The more putts you miss, the more you are likely to hole the next ones). Combining the positive imagery with the law of averages thoughts in your mind you will keep yourself in a positive state of mind for longer which would in turn get you holing more putts.

If you have any problems understanding this thought process, then please come and have a chat with me as I would love to talk through this more with you.

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Have a great weeks golfing! 🙂