Make the most of your practice this winter by incorporating our Toptracer system and using it to your advantage. Practicing your golf is great as long as you practice the right things and not the wrong things. Practice makes permanent, not perfect. So, first of all if you are having lessons, make sure that you are 100% sure you know what you need to work on and if you’re not then it might be wise just to have one lesson to give you something to work on going forward. Once you are 100% sure of what you need to work on, you can then incorporate our Toptracer system on our driving range to do 3 things.

  1. Make it constructive
  2. Keep track of your improvements
  3. Keep it fun

You can make it constructive by using the What’s in my bag mode, which gives you all your numbers off a specific target that you choose. Numbers include –

Carry Distance


Total Yards Offline


& Many More

Knowing these numbers will make you focus on each shot as if you were focusing for a specific target on the golf course. They will also give you a shot by shot analysis, which if you are working on changing your shot shape or height etc, these numbers on every shot can be vital information for you to know!

You can keep a track of your improvements by downloading the Toptracer APP on your smartphone or tablet. Then once you have downloaded the app, you can log yourself into the screens with the app and then all the information you have collated during your practice sessions using the What’s In My Bag mode, will be stored on the app. You can then get day, week, month and yearly averages which you will hopefully see a change and improvement over the time of your sessions.

Lastly, to keep your practice fun you can incorporate the Points Game mode. This is a great mode to use to keep it fun as it works on a system by which the closer you get to the targets, the more points you can get. So this way you can keep it constructive as you’re still aiming at specific targets and focusing on your shot. Whilst giving it a gaming element of points scoring.

If you wish to know more ways of keep your practice fun and constructive, then please feel free to come and have a chat with me anytime you see me around. 🙂


Have a great weeks golfing!