My latest top tip is on putting. Whether it’s the short putts or long putts you struggle with, this exercise will help as it will put you in closer proximity to the hole.

Simply focus on controlling the distance of your putting as much as possible. Think back to how many times you have missed the 2nd putt because you have raced the 1st putt too far passed or lagged it up too short.

For this drill, you will need a spare club, putter and 4/5 balls.

- Lay one of your clubs out on the ground on a flat area of the putting green

- Then with your golf balls in your hand, stand next to the club you have laid on the ground. Take 2 steps forward, drop a ball. Take another step, drop a ball and continue to do this until all the golf balls are on the floor.

- Then working your way back from the closest golf ball, try and get the golf ball to finish with a putter grip of the club you have laid down on the ground. But it must NOT touch the club. If you are short or it hits the club, then start the whole process again until you have complete control of your distance at each stage.

- once this has been completed, start again from another angle or up/down a slope.

Hope this helps, if you have any other issues then please feel free to book a golf lesson with me by calling 01983 613131.

Daniel West

PGA Assistant Professional