The Importance of Staying in The Moment

When you come to play in a high stress environment under tournament conditions, I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep yourself in the moment and don’t try too hard and don’t try to make things happen.

The minute you try that bit harder or you try to make things happen because you want to score well, is the very moment you can wave goodbye to a good score. I am speaking from recent experience, as I have no worries about talking about my failures as they only make you stronger. I was playing in my first pro-am since turning professional and I just wanted to play well so much that I tried that bit harder and tried to force shots and take on the impossible shot.

When you are in a high pressure situation or you are in a competition that you really want to do well in, then you need to try and stay in the moment and keep relaxed. The key thing is to try and not force shots or take on shots that you wouldn’t normally, as this will create opportunities to force unnecessary errors.

Ways to help you stay calm and focused on the shot ahead of you and not to try and take on silly shots, would be firstly to take a couple of seconds and think about the shot you are about to play. Does the shot you are about to play, have a high percentage of coming off the way you want it too, if it doesn’t then don’t play it.

Secondly, once you are happy with the shot you have chosen, just take a couple of slow deep breaths to control your heart rate and focus your mind.

A great book that I read in the past about mental strength and staying confident and in the moment was a book by Dr Bob Rotella - Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect.

I would HIGHLY RECCOMMEND this book.