Epic distances from the Epic iron

This week we took delivery of the new Callaway Epic and Epic Pro irons so I thought it was a good opportunity to test them against my existing Callaway Apex irons and see how they perform.
First off I hit my existing Apex irons which I have had for around 16 months now and I would need something pretty special to get me to change as I like the way they look, the way they sound off the clubface and like the fact that they are not a chunky head but give me enough confidence to know that if I am not playing as much I will get the forgiveness that I may need.

In my current Apex irons I have KBS Tour V 90 stiff flex shafts and in the Epic and Epic Pro I tested I used the Project X LZ 90 stiff flex shafts which is the same weight and performs similarly.
I hit the standard Epic iron first and was hugely impressed with both the extra distance and the more consistent grouping that I achieved

Above you can see the dispersion of each of the clubs and on average this was the longest of the bunch with the tightest dispersion also. It achieved a slightly lower spin rate and lower flight but seemed to spend a long time in the air and this showed in the extra 7 yards carry over my existing irons. It did provide huge forgiveness which is what I would expect from this model and although I just hit 7 irons, I think anyone looking to improve with their longer irons will get lots of help from these. They launched the ball up very easily and with the tungsten weighting precisely placed in each iron to help a better launch with the longer irons and more control with the short clubs they would suit anyone looking for extra yardage and forgiveness from a golf club.
The Epic Pro is aimed at better ball strikers and has a slightly smaller head design with less offset and produces a slighty lower flight. The head features a thinner top line to suit the lower handicap players but performs just as well as the standard Epic producing on average 0.6mph less ball speed which is impressive for a better players iron.
So would I recommend these? Absolutely yes I would suggest anyone looking for a new set of irons consider these and any player looking for more distance and/or forgiveness should definately test the Epic irons out. If you are a 10-20 handicap player looking for a club that will help you take the next step in reducing your handicap or want to lower the ball flight I would give the Epic Pro irons a try as this one ticks the boxes if you want a club that looks great and more traditional to look down on but with the latest technology built in to help you find the balance between forgiveness and being able to work the ball through the air.