After hitting a nice drive straight down the middle, you then hit the next shot straight into the greenside bunker. As you approach the green you are praying to the gods that your ball is lying ok, and have a chance to get the ball relatively close to the hole and save par. You then look into the bunker only to see your ball is plugged and think OH NO!!! Most golfers will approach a plugged ball with this mentality, and with the winter conditions now here, the chances of getting one have increased! With a few small tips, getting out the bunker from a plugged lie will be expected rather than hopeful. Listed below are the things you need to do in order to escape from a plugged lie:


  • Play the ball more central in your stance
  • Have a steeper angle of attack
  • Take plenty of sand
  • Close the face so the leading edge digs more into the sand
  • Hit the ball harder than a standard bunker shot


If you’re still struggling to escape from plugged lies, feel free to pop up and have a lesson. Just call 613131 and we will get you booked in.


Christopher Reed

PGA Professional