Gunning for The Open Part II

‘Do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always got!’ Is a saying I believe holds some truth so having not got what I want from my golf I have started to make some changes to the way I play the game and first up putting. I have always classed myself as a streaky putter, I will have days when I hole lots of putts and days where nothing goes in, and I know most of us could class ourselves in this category but to perform at my best I need to increase this level of consistency. One of the most pressing issues has been getting the ball rolling consistently as the ball has a tendency to jump off the putter face. This can be due to too much loft or not enough loft and on analysis of my stroke using the Trackman and an iPing putting app I found that my hands were behind the ball and I had too much loft on the putter face through impact. I have addressed this by setting my hands further forward and this has helped promote a much better role.

Both of these tools are great for helping improve your putting, the iping app uses a cradle which holds your iphone in place on to the putter shaft and helps give recommendations based on your stroke type, as well as how consistent your stroke is and gives you a putting handicap which you can then work on improving.

The latest Trackman can tell you whether you have a tendency to allow too much or not enough break on your putts, how quickly you get the ball rolling as it should and whether you are pulling or pushing your putts so I would recommend every one to have a lesson with this to help you gain consistency with your putting.

As I said previously during the off season I am working a lot on my strength and conditioning to hopefully improve my stamina on course and increase my club head speed to give me better distance. So that is going well, I have lost 7lb so I am 4lb off my target weight and I have started to add some weight to the end of the barbells so I must be getting stronger too!

All joking aside anyone looking to increase their club head speed in the off season the mytpi website gives a variety of different exercises to help people achieve extra mobility and strength as well as lots of drills to help improve your golf.