Year 1 DONE!

As most of you know, I started my 3 year PGA training degree back in September 2018. I received my results on Friday 28th June to say that I had PASSED year 1 and have been recommended to progress onto year 2. I felt year 1 was a big learning curve for me as it opened my eyes up to thinking about things in different ways and approaching things in a different style. In doing so, I felt over the year I have developed my teaching theories and custom fitting methods. This enabled me to score 100% on my custom fitting exam for year 1 and leave me feeling confident going into Year 2 which starts back up again in September.

This now gives me time to focus on my golf, which for any of you that have been checking out my scores - this is much needed….

My next event will be the Shanklin & Sandown 36 Hole Pro-Am on Wednesday 10th July.