GARMIN S60 now in stock

Anybody looking to purchase a golf GPS device should look no further than the new Garmin S60 as it has everything on it you could ever need.

Obviously it gives you the distance to the front, middle and back of each green from your exact point on the course, however it also features a picture of the hole as you play it and you can move the cursor on the touchscreen to any area on the course to see how far it is to reach that exact point and then how far it is to the green from that point allowing you to be certain that you will not reach that bunker or how much room there is on the dogleg before you run out of fairway, or that you are leaving yourself with your favourite yardage to the flag.

The club tracking information is another fantastic addition to this device, allowing you to track the clubs you hit during your round and then being able to look over each hole after play and see exactly how far each shot went with each club, helping you really dial in your yardages on course.

A couple of fantastic features which come in to their own when playing new courses for the first time is both the flag finder and the plays like distance. The flag finder acts as a compass and points you towards the green from wherever you may find yourself on the course helping with blind shots and also when you may find yourself on the wrong fairway. The plays like distance feature will give you the correct yardage but then takes into account whether the shot is downhill or uphill giving you a truer distance to help get the ball close to the pin.

Along with all these golf features it also syncs to your smart phone and gives notifications for texts, emails, news and weather amongst others, as well as track your daily steps and other sporting activities.

If you would like any further information on the S60 or any other golf GPS devices please see us in store where we will be happy to take you through the range.