Last week I had the opportunity to try out the complete range of Titleist irons going into 2018 and must say I was impressed with both the looks and performance right the way through the range.

A lot of the promotion around clubs you see now is all about distance, distance, distance which is obviously nice but at the same time with an iron you need to have the control going into the greens to make sure that ball stops where you want it to.

Titleist now have 6 different irons to provide different levels of forgiveness and distance whilst throughout the range maintaining this level of control.

The range is a follows

718 MB - This is the bladed iron for players after a small sleek clubhead with minimal offset offering the ability to shape the ball with ease.

718 CB - The CB is a classic looking iron that is packed with all the modern technology to provide a great combination between forgiveness and workability

T-MB irons - This irons started off as a long iron replacement last year but its appeal and success has meant it has been made available as a full set and these provide great distances throughout the set

718 AP1 - The AP1 is aimed at the player looking for forgiveness from an iron, it features tungsten weighting set in different areas throughout each club enabling the optimum centre of gravity position for each club in the set.

718 AP2 - The AP2 is a forged iron aimed at the player looking for consistent distance as well as a classic looking club head with that soft forged feeling

718 AP3 - A new iron introduced to the AP family this iron combines the best features of both the AP1 & AP2 irons into the one club providing a great looking players club enabling superb distances.

So with all this information I set about seeing the performance and you can see all the shots plotted below

So as you can see from the graph the longest club was the AP1 irons with one in particular going over 10 yards further than any other shot. As you would expect the least forgiving iron, the MB blade iron was the shortest distance but the grouping was fairly consistent so ideal for someone who strikes the ball consistently and wants the feedback of a mishit to help in the strive for excellence.

The CB iron for me provided the greatest level of accuracy with the worst being 4 yards left of target and one 3 yards right worth about 8 yards of difference in the longest and shortest ones, the AP2 iron was very consistent for length and a great looking club and the T-MB iron was great for distance and apart from one (which I dare say could have been an operator error) was also consistent with the distances.

However my personal favourite was the AP3 iron, I loved the look and the design of it, it provided great distance and was pretty accurate and felt as if it provided the level of forgiveness that I look for in a club.

HOWEVER what suits one person does not suit everyone else so I urge you to try the complete range to find the one that works for you and provides you with what you are looking for in a golf club. They really do have a great range and a club to suit every level of player so come see us in store where you can book a fitting to see what performs for you.