The key to improving your golf

Very often during golf lessons we will ask the customer what do you need to improve your golf? The answers we get obviously vary but there is generally a lot of

‘my driving is a bit off

‘my chipping is alright’

‘I dont often 3 putt’

‘I dont lose many balls’

and although these statements might be correct they do not really give us too much detail to work with in improving your game and if you are serious about improving your scores it is imperative you know as much detail about each area of your game, and the more specific information you can give us the better we can understand what you need to bring your scores down as it is no good concentrating on your driving if you are missing 80% of putts from inside 3 feet!

So where do you start? Well first off make sure you record all your scores, whether it is in competition or practice if your scores are getting better you are doing something right and if they are getting worse something needs to change so this is the very least you should be doing. Next up record how many fairways you hit, how many greens you hit and how many putts you take per round. This again will help to highlight any weak areas.

A lot of the latest GPS devices have all these functions built in so that you can easily record your stats as you go round the course. Devices like the Garmin Approach S20 and the TomTom Golfer 2 SE will sync up with your phone at the end of the round and will show you exactly where you hit each shot, how far each shot went and you can input as you go the club used to give you a great indication of how far you hit each club. All the information will be collated in the app and will show you your statistics for the chosen round or for all your rounds in a specific time period.

However to take it to the very next level I would suggest a free app called myroundpro. Simply download the app, input your details and each time you play it will show you pictures of the golf course and you can select where you hit each shot. This can be filled in as you play or at the end of the round and it uses the strokes gained formula to tell you whether each shot was good in relation to a player off a selected handicap. Depending on your current ability level you can compare yourself to tour pros or players playing off scratch, 5, 10, 15 or 20. It will then take the distance of where you hit each shot in relation to the flag and based on thousands of rounds of golf played at your selected handicap comparison, will tell you how many strokes you have gained over the field from that position or how many you may have lost through a poor shot. This provides invaluable information about weaknesses and strengths of your individual game, giving yourself and your coach the best chance of helping you improve your scores.