The only way to go is fitting when it comes to buying new equipment

This time of year is when all the new equipment is being released and almost on a daily basis we get asked by customers can I try out this new club, which is great as we as much as the customers are keen to improve your performance and believe with the right equipment this can really help you do so. BUT we believe the only way to ensure you get the greatest level of improvement is through getting the club properly fitted. Although with our Toptracer range you can measure the exact ball speed and distance, the actual roll amount is predicted and it will not tell you the amount the ball is spinning.

Take a look at the pictures below. These shots were hit with the same make of driver but with different loft and shaft combinations and you can see the different results from each one.

As can be seen the ball speeds do not vary that much but the other figures vary quite dramatically as does ultimately the distance of the shots. There is 43 yards total difference between these 3 shots and 25 yards difference in carry distance. This just highlights how important getting the right shaft and loft combination is and this cannot be worked out successfully by trying out a golf club on the course or even on the driving range.

During a fitting we will get you to hit shots with your current club first and then you will get the opportunity to try any of the latest models you desire, plus recommendations we may make to you and get the one that works best for you. We use our Trackman software and in particular one feature called the optimiser which highlights the achieved spin loft, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate and height and shows us what distances we can achieve with the correctly set up driver.

To get the correct set up we will look at not just the club head but also the shaft flex and type as well as the loft, and adjust these to ensure you are getting the best distance you can. If you are looking at getting any new equipment, we cannot stress enough that this should be the only way to go about it, plus there is no extra charge for this service! So what are the drawbacks? There really isnt any, a fitting takes approximately 40 minutes and with no cost involved when you purchase a club and our price match promise meaning we will match any of the top 5 online retailers for price.

With this in mind if you would like to book a fitting then please contact us here or on 01983613131 to book a space