Keep an eye on your swing whilst you practice with Garmin Truswing

People who are having lessons or trying to alter their swing in a certain way often fall back into old habits, so how can you ensure you are doing it correctly? Well technology has evolved and there are some fantastic training aids out in the marketplace and one I like particularly is the Garmin Truswing. This consists of a small unit that sits on the shaft of the club you are using and syncs back to your phone or compatible garmin gps device giving you real time information about the shot you just hit. With it you can check and then monitor your Swing path, Club Speed, Face angles and Swing tempo as well as other important swing elements and then change them accordingly or speak to your golf professional about what you should be focussing on. You can also view a 3D run through of your swing itself allowing you to monitor progress.

This really is a great unit to stop you drifting back into old habits or practicing the wrong things and we have these in store at Westridge Golf Centre so please come in and see us and we can talk you through the other benefits of the device or tell you what you should concentrate on whilst using it.

For further information about exactly what you can measure watch the short video below