How Many Putts are you taking?


Now that the greens at the golf courses are in tip top shape and playing at there best there should be no excuses with bad putting.

I get asked by a lot of customers how many putts should I take a round?

This is a very hard question to answer as are you playing on big or small greens as by playing a course with bigger greens you will hit more greens in a round but will be further from the hole but there is still no excuse for the dreaded 3 putt!!!

You should never take more than 36 putts for a round of 18 holes and that is the top of what you should take as there is a very unlikely chance you will hit all 18 greens so you will be chipping anything between 4 and 10 times in a round of golf, from the greens you miss you should be taking 1 putt on at least 30%of those holes so you should always be aiming for between 30 and 34 putts per round with the top Professionals typically taking 28 a round.

We are now just going to just talk about the putting and not the other parts of the game that can have a big factor on the amounts of putts you take.

The first question on putting is do you hole 90% of the putts inside 3 feet and 50% inside 6 feet if the answer is no, have you got the right putter and is it fitted to your putting stroke, as if your stroke is suited to a toe hang putter but are using a face balanced putter this will not be helping you hole those short putts as the putter will be fighting against your natural putting stroke and causing you to miss those short putts.

The second answer will be that your putting stroke will not be consistent and that you will need to work on your stroke to make it repeatable each and every time.

One drill that I like to do for putting is to set 12 balls up around the hole (like a clock) starting 3 feet away from the hole and having to try and hole all 12 balls if I am successful I will then reset the balls this time moving the balls 1 foot further away from the hole and I will keep doing this until I miss my record is 7 foot away from the hole, Remember you must start back at 3foot from the hole if you miss. If you struggle with getting the long putts within 3 feet of the hole a drill to practice would be hit one ball 20foot away and then keep trying to get the next ball 1 foot past the last putt if you hit a ball more than 2 foot past the last one start the drill again. These are great pressure drill practice sessions  as each putt will matter just like when you are playing a game of golf. At Westridge Golf Centre we can work with you to get your putting moving in the right direction please call 01983 613131